Internet of Things

New fields of innovation through the networking of machines, devices, components, sensors and actuators.

Swiss Open Banking

Opening up securely, maximising customer focus. The solution for open banking in Switzerland for a flexible service portfolio.


Capitalizing on digital opportunities. Safe, fast and reliable. The Secure Access Hub with WAF, API Gateway and cIAM.

Fraud Detection

More security in payment transactions with our fraud detection solution based on machine learning.

Augmented Reality

The line between the real and virtual world is blurring – we show you what opportunities are available for your company.

Standout medical practice software

Axonlab intends to make work easier for medical professionals all over Europe. Such ambitious goals require sophisticated methods. And sophistication is something Axenita has plenty of. Axonlab’s medical practice software combines the world of diagnostics with IT to reach a new level within the industry. CEO Roland Steger and CIO Martin Michel explain how they plan to make Axonlab the most important player in the outpatient healthcare market.


The metaverse: will the virtual soon be real?

Everyone’s talking about the metaverse. But what is it exactly? What happens to us and the way we experience the world when the virtual melds with the physical? We examine the business opportunities that the metaverse opens up, and ask if there’s any real substance behind the hype.


A lifelong passion

Patrick Kaltenrieder is in charge of digitalisation at KPT Krankenkasse, a Swiss health insurer, and responsible for IT operations. He also lectures on online marketing strategies at the University of Bern. The secret to his energy? It's simple, he says. Loving what he does and doing a worthwhile job are the keys to his work-life balance. He counts himself lucky to have an understanding and forward-thinking employer.