Internet of Things

New fields of innovation through the networking of machines, devices, components, sensors and actuators.

Swiss Open Banking

Opening up securely, maximising customer focus. The solution for open banking in Switzerland for a flexible service portfolio.


Capitalizing on digital opportunities. Safe, fast and reliable. The Secure Access Hub with WAF, API Gateway and cIAM.

Fraud Detection

More security in payment transactions with our fraud detection solution based on machine learning.

Augmented Reality

The line between the real and virtual world is blurring – we show you what opportunities are available for your company.

A passion for IT

What does it take to succeed in IT? A talent for the subject matter, of course. A mix of logic and creativity. Focus in combination with an open mind. And naturally also team spirit and hard work. There's a single, basic virtue that trumps all of these, however: passion. That is what spurs us on every day to shape the future alongside our customers – and to outdo ourselves every time.


Wanted: team-spirited IT enthusiasts

Our employees know that working at Ergon is a bit special. They see software development less as a profession, and more as a calling. Ergon offers business-minded team players a creative environment to do what they love most – finding forward-looking solutions to customer problems. People look forward to coming to work in our friendly and supportive environment.


Not just a programming job

We believe that happy employees make customers happy customers. Values such as team spirit, creativity, openness, camaraderie and enjoyment in our work are qualities that our colleagues at Ergon display every day.