Internet of Things

New fields of innovation through the networking of machines, devices, components, sensors and actuators.

Augmented Reality

The line between the real and virtual world is blurring – we show you what opportunities are available for your company.


Capitalizing on digital opportunities. Safe, fast and reliable. The Secure Access Hub with WAF, API Gateway and cIAM.

Fraud Detection

More security in payment transactions with our fraud detection solution based on machine learning.

The valve that speaks volumes

Eugen Seitz AG, an independent, family-owned company, that has been in business for more than 60 years, has achieved international success with its valve technology. One of the firm’s departments manufactures the stretch blow moulding valves used to produce PET containers. Francesco Fini, Head of Seitz’s PET Business Unit, and Joachim Schmidt, PET Team Leader and Senior Design Engineer, explain how this process works and outline the company’s ambitions for the future.


Yesterday and tomorrow

If your GPS, compass, Apple Maps and Google Maps are no use, hat will you need to bring the past to life in the present, using augmented reality (AR)? How is the City of Zurich hoping to explore its own past? And, most importantly, what has it got planned for the future? Christian Hürzeler, Project Manager at the GIS Centre of Competence within the City of Zurich’s City Planning Office, takes us behind the scenes.


It’s about seeing eye to eye.

How do you win over a new client? What must be right for a business relationship to work? How do you build lasting collaborations that often grow into friendships? Ruedi Hugelshofer has been involved in selling for decades but would never describe himself as someone who works in "sales". He sees his role in quite a different light.