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Successful Best Swiss Web Award Night for Ergon customers

Two silvers in the Technology category, one silver in the Innovation category for Ergon customers: Liechtensteinische Landesbank LLB, the Inspectorate of Roads of the Canton of Lucerne and start-up Viac successfully impressed the jury of the Best of Swiss Web Awards with their digital projects. The trio were honoured at yesterday's Award Night in Samsung Hall in Dübendorf. In total, 301 projects in 11 categories were entered in the 18th edition  of the prestigious awards. 86 projects made it to the shortlist.


Mixed Reality: Companies are seeking partners

The potential of augmented and mixed reality is recognised. Currently, one of the biggest challenges for companies is to build up enough expertise fast enough to deliver and scale in this exponentially fast-moving area.


Strategy or agility?

How can companies achieve real competitive advantages in the complex environment of constantly changing trends? This article proposes a combined approach of strategy and Design Thinking approaches.


Ergon customer Belimo garners German industry award for IoT Cloud solution

The Cloud-enabled, intelligent Belimo Energy Valve™ impressed the independent jury of the German Industry Prize and is the winner in the "Energy & Environment” category. In total, more than 100 applications were received in this category. The energy valve was co-developed for Belimo by Ergon Informatik AG.


Successful 2017 financial year for Ergon Informatik AG

The Zurich-based software company increased its sales to 56 million francs in 2017, up 5.6% yoy, and created 15 new positions for permanent employees.


Ergon develops trading platform for first professional crypto broker

Swiss software company Ergon has developed a trading platform for Crypto Finance AG, a company based in Zug, Switzerland, whose aim is to make it easier to invest in new digital currencies – and did this development for this brokering business in record time.


Fintech for retirement planning


For young people, saving for old age is about as interesting as going to the opera or a philosophy reading. Start-up company VIAC wants to change that. Working together with Ergon Informatik and the WIR Bank, this new company has now launched a 3a pillar app on the market, aimed at making the concept of planning for retirement more palatable to ‘digital natives’.


Ergon develops digital retirement planning solution for start-up

To make the abstract topic of retirement planning palatable to young Swiss people and at the same time offer a simple and reasonably priced 3a pillar solution – that was the vision of the three founders of VIAC, all around 30 years old themselves. This vision led to the first-ever 100% digital solution for retirement planning on a smartphone app in Switzerland, developed by software company Ergon Informatik AG. In the WIR Bank, who have a share in the start-up, VIAC found a partner who could help to fund its project.


Digitalisation at the LLB Group

The new LLB Group web portal and online banking

During times of digitalisation, banks face major challenges. They need to be able to integrate new functions and innovations quickly, their customers need to be able to access their own personalised range of offers at any time, from anywhere, and 100% security is paramount at all times. A digitalisation initiative by the National Bank of Liechtenstein (Liechtensteinische Landesbank) is pointing the way forward when it comes to achieving 'digital agility'.


Ergon Informatik: new sectors, new markets

Zurich software company Ergon Informatik AG managed to continue their growth in the first half of the year. The company, which currently employs 272 staff, generated revenue of 25.3 million Swiss francs (7.5% more than in the first half of 2016) and created nine new jobs. Particularly noticeable was the increased demand in the industry and logistics sector, as well as demand for the Airlock Suite security product.


The Internet of Things is no coffee machine

For 11 years, the Swiss company Belimo has been active as a pioneer in the Internet of Things. Gert Brettlecker, long-serving project manager and software engineer at development partner Ergon Informatik AG, looks back and summarises some key insights.


Successful financial year 2016 for Ergon Informatik AG

Zürich software company Ergon saw continued growth in 2016. Operating turnover increased by 21% and 25 new permanent positions were created, equating to a 12% rise.


Fraud Detection 4.0

Online fraudsters are getting smarter and smarter – so security measures need to be smarter too. This was the thinking behind a machine learning development project by Ergon, which is now beginning to bear fruit.


DevOps: The five biggest misconceptions

DevOps is the hot topic on everybody's lips. After all, who wouldn't want their software releases to be quick, straightforward and error-free without the inefficiency that occurs between contractors, development and operations? Urs Breu has been working in line with this approach for three years now and is only too aware of the most common misconceptions.


Second premises at Kleinstrasse

After barely two years, we outgrew our premises at Merkurstrasse 43. For this reason, we renovated and modified our former premises at Kleinstrasse 15, before then moving back in on 1 September 2016. Our Airlock team is now based at Kleinstrasse. Despite this, Merkurstrasse 43 remains our head office and continues to be our postal address.


Data science: we are only just beginning

Big data, or 'data science', is one of the major trends within information technology and beyond. This explains why the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zürich) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) have joined forces to establish a centre for data science. But what are the implications of the use of data within business for industrial companies in Switzerland? What is their current level of progress and how can they move forward in this regard? We have put together a guide that takes retail firms as an example.


Good first six months for Ergon Informatik

Zürich software company Ergon managed to continue their growth in the first half of the year. The company generated revenue of 23.5 million Swiss francs (15% more than in the first half of 2015) and created 19 jobs. A new management team has now been put in place to lead the company as it heads into the second half of the year.


A Summer-party changeover

Once again, we had a great time at the summer party, 'Beer, Bytes & Beats', but this year we were also celebrating something special: the handing over of the executive management baton, from the old to the new. As of 1 July 2016, the new organisation will be officially in place. We are very excited and wish our new leaders all the best in their new roles!


New Ergon Executive Management Team from July 2016

Generation change at Swiss software service provider Ergon Informatik AG; as of 1 July 2016, Gabriela Keller will take over from long-term CEO, Patrick Burkhalter. Burkhalter will become President of Ergon's board of directors. Lukas Ehrensperger will take over the role of Chief Sales Officer from Alois Sauter. The four previous department managers, Adrian Berger, Heiko Faller, Roman Hugelshofer and Dominik Moser will also become part of the new Ergon executive management team.


Ergon at CeBIT 2016

We were part of CeBIT 2016. Switzerland was this year's trade fair partner country; in addition to our Swiss stand, we also participated in several seminars and panel discussions, sharing our know-how on the topic of application security.


Ergon receives the EICAR Minimum Standard Certificate

With Airlock Suite, Ergon has become the first vendor without an anti-malware product in its portfolio to receive the EICAR Minimum Standard Certificate. The certificate was originally intended for manufacturers of anti-malware products, and it was going to include manufacturers of other network security products (e.g. routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems) at a later date.


Ergon continues on a steady course for growth

The Zurich software firm, Ergon, continues on its course for growth. In 2015, the company generated more revenue, won new customers and created 20 additional jobs.


Web application for controlling material flow

When installing devices and equipment, countless small parts such as screws, nuts or gaskets are required. These so-called C-parts cost practically nothing. But if a production line comes to a halt because C parts have run out, the resulting costs are significant. Procurement costs are very high compared to the purchase volume – which is where Bossard comes in. The Zug-based company specialises in the logistics of C parts and has developed its own software for the application. In 2013, Ergon was commissioned to revise the solution and replace it with a modern web application.


Solid half-year results despite the strong Swiss franc

In the first half of 2015, Ergon Informatik achieved solid results, despite the strong Swiss franc. Compared to the first half of 2014, revenue rose by 1.3 million to 20.4 million francs.


Launch Airlock Suite

The new Airlock Suite from Ergon unites the security products Airlock and Medusa. Ergon’s web application firewall Airlock is now called Airlock WAF and the Medusa authentication platform is renamed to Airlock IAM. Moreover, we launch the new product Airlock Login. Airlock Login brings strong upstream authentication and Single Sign-on with great usability for an attractive price.


Ergon Informatik comes to the end of another year of growth

The Zurich software firm Ergon comes to the end of another year of growth: in 2014, revenue increased again. New customers were won and 19 new jobs created. Ergon will also start to feel the results of the National Bank's decision to lift the euro currency cap.


E-health platform vivates

Swiss Post, the Swiss postal service, doesn’t just deliver letters and packages. It is increasingly reinventing itself as a one-stop service provider, transporting information reliably and sustainably and adding value. From this starting-point, Swiss Post set itself the goal some years ago of developing an e-health system that would allow the various parties involved in the healthcare sector to exchange patient data securely—and to ensure that the integrity of such sensitive information is guaranteed at all times, Swiss Post is turning to Ergon’s Airlock Suite for its vivates e-health system.


New premises at Merkurstrasse 43

From today, we have a new address: Merkurstrasse 43 in 8032 Zurich. We are pleased that in a few days' time, we will all be able to work under one roof. We would be pleased to welcome you to our new company premises.


A big birthday with lots of reasons to celebrate

The Zurich software firm Ergon Informatik has lots of reasons to celebrate in 2014: Not only are we 30 years old, we have also won the 'Great Place to Work' award and new customers. In the first six months, revenue rose by 12 per cent. Compared to the first six months of 2013, product revenue rose by 33%.


Ergon also experienced strong growth in 2013

The Zurich software firm Ergon generated more revenue and profit in 2013. The positive figures are the result of successful projects carried out by Ergon for both long-term and new customers. The company now has more people on board, too: 25 new jobs have been created.


Security solution for broker systems

Generali Insurance was looking for a new security solution for its broker systems that would give external sales partners easy and secure access to internal applications. At the same time they wanted it to be less complex and to have the broker portals and authentication solutions disentangled. Airlock Suite presented a comprehensive yet at the same time flexible solution for these requirements.


Strategic order management for large companies

How does an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) service provider manage to meet new customer requirements for modern communication services? Swisscom Corporate Business took up this challenge in partnership with Ergon with the goal of bringing solutions for large companies to the market more quickly and more efficiently than the competition.


Successful first half of 2013 for Ergon Informatik

The Zurich software firm Ergon Informatik comes to the end of a successful first half of 2013: the company carried out major projects for Coop and Generali Versicherungen. In addition, compared to the first half of 2012, revenue rose by 10 per cent to 17 million francs.


Mobile weather data for thermal pilots

Where is the perfect weather for long flights today? The new iWeather app for iPhone and iPad is the only one to provide all relevant thermal info across Switzerland. Potential flight distances are clearly displayed for fifteen Swiss regions. Thermal pilots can easily find the best flight destinations for that day and, with another click, see detailed thermal forecasts for their chosen region.


Successful financial year 2012 for Ergon Informatik

In the last financial year, Ergon Informatik generated profit of 2.7 million francs. Using innovative software projects and products, the software specialists increased their total revenue from 29.6 to 32.5 million francs, which represents growth of 9.6 per cent compared to the previous year.


Destined for success together

With BrokerGate®, a central platform simplifying electronic business communications, the association IG B2B has ushered in a new era in data transfer between brokers and insurers in Switzerland. No less than 13 Swiss insurers and more than 800 brokers have already joined the BrokerGate® identity platform in 2014. As the association’s software partner, Ergon ensures maximum security, using the Airlock web application firewall in conjunction with the Airlock IAM authentication platform; these programs monitor all connection requests and prevent unauthorised access.


Everyone benefits from billing innovations

Telenet has opted for TelcoBill from Ergon to simplify its billing operation for B2B customers and to increase its own efficiency at the same time. This solution will benefit both sides: Telenet can provide its clients with a suite of new services that offer genuine value added, while cutting the costs of producing its own bills.


SwissICT Champion Award - Milestones of Ergon

Shortly after being established, Ergon chose to focus completely on Unix, which many people laughed at. This was the first time Ergon showed they had a good nose for future technology. Other similar milestones followed throughout the company's history. In 2008, Ergon won the Swiss ICT Champion Award for this.