Authorisation of Payments

CardX enables payments and transactions to be authorised everywhere in real time 24/7 and 365 days a year. From ATM cash withdrawals to payments at the point of sale or online, and by card, TWINT or other instant payment services. CardX checks and authorises credit quality and so avoids the risk of the payer becoming overdrawn. The solution offers flexible expansion options and can be adapted swiftly to the changing market.


This user-friendly process offers easy, flexible access to 3D BIM models in an AR application. Thanks to positioning technology this happens right on site via a smartphone or tablet. It's quick, convenient and portable. The clever thing is that it does not require any other tools or manual preparations.

Fraud Detection

Whether it be CEO fraud, phishing or other forms of attempted fraud: payment transactions are a hacker’s favourite target. Our fraud detection solution will help you to prevent such abuses and, thanks to artificial intelligence, offer you more reliable protection against attempted fraud than conventional methods.

Mobile Product Management

ERGO, our software solution, covers ordering, inventory management, scheduling and incoming goods inspections, ensuring the inventory information in all branches is always up to date for your employees, the shelves are full and the products are fresh.

Order Management & Billing

The software solution Tango is a service fulfilment and billing solution for telecommunications and IT service providers. Tango supports processes in the areas of product design, order entry, customer and order management, production and billing.

Swiss Open Banking

The solution for open banking in Switzerland that meets the Swiss NextGen API standard and NextGenPSD2 as well as the highest security requirements. Its central interface enables service portfolios to be expanded quickly and flexibly, removing barriers to new cooperations and allowing traditional business models to scale up rapidly.

Time Management Solution

Part-time staff, night and weekend work, overtime and break time regulations, wage allowances, stamping obligations and holiday entitlement – all complex requirements to be taken into account when thinking about personnel planning. Our software solution Zebra helps you to maintain an overview and increase your cost efficiency.