Internet of Things

New fields of innovation through the networking of machines, devices, components, sensors and actuators.

Augmented Reality

The line between the real and virtual world is blurring – we show you what opportunities are available for your company.


Capitalizing on digital opportunities. Safe, fast and reliable. The Secure Access Hub with WAF, API Gateway and cIAM.

Fraud Detection

More security in payment transactions with our fraud detection solution based on machine learning.

Modern leadership – resilience in a VUCA world

The world of work is becoming more and more dynamic, with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) on the rise. Question marks hang over tried-and-trusted business models and traditional leadership structures. So what types of organisation are likely to succeed in a VUCA world?


Doing away with clichés

Women are underrepresented in IT. What exactly is holding them back from writing code? Where is the prejudice coming from? Sybil Ehrensberger, a passionate software engineer, wants to break down barriers and is trying to bring more female talent on board, including via Django Girls.


Ready for take-off

No trend is currently being discussed as widely and with such indiscriminate enthusiasm as artificial intelligence (AI) but what a lot of people don’t know is that a large proportion of AI development is open and accessible to everyone. Michael Schröder and Wilhelm Kleiminger describe how companies can make an agile and scalable start to their AI journey with the right approach and data science in the cloud.