Internet of Things

New fields of innovation through the networking of machines, devices, components, sensors and actuators.

Augmented Reality

The line between the real and virtual world is blurring – we show you what opportunities are available for your company.

Airlock Suite

For the security of your web applications: The security products Airlock WAF, IAM and Login.

Fraud Detection

More security in payment transactions with our fraud detection solution based on machine learning.

IoT: Device manufacturers over time

Digitization is putting pressure on established device manufacturers in many industries. A paradigm shift is needed: from static products to dynamic, networked system solutions.


Cloud or no cloud - how to decide?

It is virtually undisputed that the future of IT in business lies in the cloud. But there are big differences in the ways it can be implemented.


How to implement a successful IAM solution

Identity and access management (IAM) solutions can offer companies a wealth of benefits. But how do they find a system that is right for them? And what are the things to look out for when choosing a system and planning its implementation?