The backbone of progress

There is an art to blending user-friendliness with the highest security standards. The plinth on which it stands is an advanced security architecture. It protects company data and web applications, and makes digital services available any place, any time, while speeding up the development of new features and functions. It’s progress. The easy way.

The best
user experience at login

The best user experience at login

Whether passwordless or via several security factors, effortless adaptive access control is crucial at each login. So, too, is the flexibility to adapt complex onboarding and login flows without having to modify the applications themselves. For maximum agility and minimum time to market, with supreme security and transparency.

Unfailing protection
made easy

Unfailing protection made easy

360-degree protection for web applications and APIs. Attempted attacks are blocked in real time, bouncing bots and hackers back into cyberspace. In other words, access is limited to defined users, defined services, and a defined scope.

Less support,
lower costs

Less support, lower costs

Holistic identity management is vital, from onboarding to user deregistration. Having distributed user administration, helpdesk and self-service functions reduces costs and increases autonomy. Federated identity management extends the benefits to partners and others within a given ecosystem.

A more
flexible future

A more flexible future

Forward-thinking security architectures are automatable, scalable, agile and developer-friendly. It doesn’t matter whether they are on-premises or in the cloud, for containers or monoliths. DevSecOps means that you've got the security you need right from the development phase, not starting just before release.

“IT security should be part of every company's culture to be effective.”

Reto Ischi Team Lead Product Development WAF Airlock, Ergon


Roman Hugelshofer

Roman Hugelshofer

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