Artificial intelligence
The future is now

Never before have we been able to respond so quickly and efficiently to changes in the market. Artificial intelligence enables us to process enormous volumes of data in the blink of an eye and to put it to profitable use. AI doesn't just automate processes, but learns how to keep improving them. It helps to create new products, services and income streams, all while improving human-machine interaction.

More than automatic
– more efficient

More than automatic – more efficient

Whether recognising fraudulent financial and insurance transactions or processing documents intelligently, AI-based algorithms help us to complete complex tasks more quickly and more efficiently. The opportunities are virtually limitless.

Better human-machine

Better human-machine interaction

AI makes new types of interaction possible. Voice user interfaces, for example, can help users when they need to keep their hands free. Chatbots can offer smart advice in response to customer questions, while conversational agents can even interject while you are talking. Hello, new reality.

With AI, predictions
become reality in no time

With AI, predictions become reality in no time

Of course, nobody knows what the future will hold, but AI-based applications can identify and forecast trends sooner than we humans can. Armed with this knowledge, we can plan machinery maintenance more effectively, get ahead of a surge in customer demand, and optimise our warehousing and procurement processes.


Data-driven decisions

AI analyses data intelligently to optimise production processes. This reduces the volume of scrap and quality rejects. Additionally, information about customer usage behaviour can immediately feed into improvements and new functions, and even new products entirely. It could hardly be more efficient.

“Smart ordering allowed us to cut express deliveries for SmartBin systems by 70%, without increasing inventories.”

Urs Güttinger CTO, Bossard Group

“Sooner or later AI will be seen as a natural component of digital and physical products.”

Wilhelm Kleiminger Head of Data Science, Ergon


Wilhelm Kleiminger

Wilhelm Kleiminger

Head of Data Science
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Michael Schröder

Michael Schröder

Head of Consulting
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