Unsung heroes

A team's success is rarely down to one person alone. It is the sum of the parts that makes more of the whole. People doing extraordinary things unnoticed to take their team forward. They know their own strengths, think long term and put their heart into their work. After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

Nora Marte

Connecting people

Community-builders generate a sense of unity. Their proactive energy and motivation bring people together, tempts them out of their comfort zones and inspires them to connect with others. Those are important enough qualities at work but even more so in a social context.

Interview with Nora Marte, Management Assistant

Stefan Dietiker

The broader view

New territory can be challenging. Trailblazers are full of good ideas, though. They’ll often take a step back so they can see how to move forward; looking left and right before focusing on the path ahead. Equipped with the right questions, they get teams over the finish line.

Interview with Stefan Dietiker, Senior Security Engineer Airlock

Samuel Zürcher

Pragmatism, practicality and positivity

Lots of people. Lots of ideas. And even more opinions. Implementers help the team to find and maintain focus. They're conscientious, reliable and have the discipline that it takes.  

Interview with Samuel Zürcher, Senior Software Engineer

Corinne Dascenzo

On course

Agile, but not directionless. Focused, but not inflexible. Pacesetters have the necessary attention to detail and a feel for the right tempo. Combine that with good client relationships and the team is on course for success.

Interview with Corinne Dascenzo, Senior Software Engineer & Project Manager

Birgit Erdtner

A team effort

Building trust with empathy, keeping promises and motivating by listening – team workers create an atmosphere in which everyone is comfortable, works effectively and progresses together. No one is left behind.

Interview with Birgit Erdnter, Team Lead Telco Solutions

Raimond Reichert

The thrill of the unknown

New customer, new project, new team. Now what? When getting a group to gel, coordinators set the tone. They are calm, motivated and focused on the goal ahead, helping to ensure that everyone is able to perform to the best of their ability.

Interview with Raimond Reichert, Project Manager, Requirements Engineer & Senior Software Engineer

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