Viac: Fully digitalised third pillar.

When setting up Viac its three founders were aiming to make the abstract topic of retirement planning palatable to young Swiss people while simultaneously offering a simple and reasonably priced 3a pillar solution. This vision resulted in the first-ever 100% digital solution for retirement planning via a smartphone app in Switzerland.

The Viac 3a solution can be opened in less than eight minutes in the comfort of your own home. The app is easy for anyone to use and, from just one Swiss franc in starting capital, you can invest in thousands of shares. In the WIR Bank, who have a share in the start-up, Viac found a partner who could help to fund its project.

Ergon, working in close collaboration with Viac, developed the planning app in a very short space of time. In order to provide the best possible conditions for the project to succeed, the Viac team was given an office on-site at Ergon’s premises, in close proximity to the developers of their app and the UX team, who worked closely with them from the very beginning of the project. Thanks to the short channels of communication, it was quick and easy to make decisions in consultation with the entire team.