Internet of Things
Harnessing the value of connection

These days, appliances are smarter than ever. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), they’re also connected. As a result, companies can continuously optimise their products, process and business models. This takes the entire customer experience to the next level, and creates both new income streams and a competitive edge. 

product innovation

Non-stop product innovation

IoT makes product usage more transparent than ever. It provides manufacturers with precise data about what they can do to optimise their products and tailor them to what the customer really wants. It is so easy now to enrich the digital customer experience with additional services such as upgrades, add-ons or proactive support.

process optimisation

Continuous process optimisation

IoT isn’t just making products smarter. The related processes are becoming more intelligent, too. After all, the data gathered via IoT delivers valuable insights into the users themselves, and how they interact with the product. With this knowledge in hand, it’s both quick and easy to optimise production, logistics and service becomes quick and easy.

Good service
is everything

Good service is everything

It’s never been simpler to integrate digital services into existing ecosystems and to enhance them from there. IoT upgrades products by offering predictive maintenance, field service and digital appliance management, all of which make for a much more satisfying customer experience.

income streams

Revolutionising income streams

IoT opens up new revenue opportunities, be they upgrades, fee-based additional features, subscription models or pay-per-use. Establishing an IoT ecosystem presents new ways of working with strategic partners and generates innovative, sustainable sales opportunities.

Porträt Peter Schmidlin, Belimo

“Ergon is one of Belimo’s strategic partners. Others talk about IoT, but we’ve been doing it successfully for a decade. Together, we’re setting new milestones.”

Peter Schmidlin former CINO of Belimo

“The network effect of IoT can generate value added that is greater than the sum of its parts. Anyone who can realise that value has it made.”

Benedikt Ostermaier Head of IoT, Team Lead, Ergon


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