Cloud Computing
Flexibility in real time

A cloud-based strategy opens up new avenues for providing services. You can configure their availability as you wish, and they become quickly and easily scalable. That holds potential not only for cost savings, but also for new business models. Real-time agility creates the competitive edge that is so essential in today's volatile market.

The right mix
every time

The right mix every time

With a cloud solution, you have a flexible future ahead. Using virtual infrastructure, setting up platform solutions to connect IoT devices, or providing off-the-rack software services such as image and speech recognition? Switch to the cloud, and you can configure things to your own requirements, allowing you to implement innovative projects in a way that's both cost and time-efficient.

Agility and availability
in real time

Agility and availability in real time

Get into new markets, fast. With the cloud, all of your services are available any place, any time. DevOps gives you enormous agility and scalability when providing new functionalities, and encourages innovative software. And that's precisely what gives you that decisive competitive advantage.

cost savings

Unrivalled cost savings

With cloud computing, you decide how tied you are to your provider, so you can achieve the most cost-effective balance for you. You no longer have to pay for servers and resources to manage your systems, freeing you up to invest in what you actually use.

is everything

Security is everything

From monitoring physical access, to infrastructure, to locating and automatically closing gaps in your security, it's there in the cloud. You can be sure that you're in safe hands. Companies can then focus on what really counts – the security of the applications themselves.

Joachim Schmidt, Eugen Seitz AG

“Thanks to Ergon we have a powerful data acquisition infrastructure in the cloud that handles high-frequency data playfully. It shows us the way forward.”

Joachim Schmidt Customer Application Engineer, Eugen Seitz AG


Ergon Cloud Partnerschaften

As an independent IT service provider, Ergon has many years of cloud experience. We are an official partner to Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud (GCP). More than 30 certified cloud experts support their customers as they establish new cloud-based solutions and services, and migrate existing offerings and business areas to the cloud. Everything is perfectly tailored to the customer's needs, from consulting and concept to implementation and operation.

“The issue with cloud services is not why, but how.”

Daniel Bacher Senior Software Architect, Ergon


Jean-Claude Schwarzen

Jean-Claude Schwarzen

Sales & Business Development

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Zoltan Majo

Zoltán Majó

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Consultant IoT/Cloud
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