Redefining trust

Blockchain stores data in a distributed infrastructure. The technology makes it unchangeable and traceable for all stakeholders. It is associated primarily with the financial sector, of course, where it has been in successful use for some time now in the form of bitcoin transactions. In fact, blockchain works whatever the sector, and is being used more and more in retail, healthcare and government. That looks set to increase.

Always secure
and transparent

Always secure and transparent

No matter what the business transaction or process, blockchain replicates it transparently for all concerned. And it's forgery-proof. That ensures optimum data tracking and builds trust between partners.

For innovative
business models

For innovative business models

Blockchain encourages the development of new business models that would otherwise be impossible for economic or regulatory reasons. This freedom generates more dynamic product innovation and establishes a stronger market position.

gains for all

Efficiency gains for all

With their diverse providers, digital ecosystems demand efficiency. With decentralised storage and fully traceable data that cannot be changed, blockchain is ideally placed to deliver it. Faster processes and fewer errors are the result.

access control

Transparent access control

Blockchain makes for transparent access controls for business and personal data and its owners. Certain blockchains even allow data to be distributed with pinpoint precision.

Jan Brzezek, Crypto Finance AG

“With the professionalism, engagement and sense of purpose of Ergon's specialists, together we have created something exceptional that leads the way forward.”

Jan Brzezek CEO and founder, Crypto Finance AG

“More transparent, more efficient, and more trustworthy. Blockchain lifts business processes to the next level.”

André Naef Business Innovation Manager, Ergon


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