Open banking
Open for the future

Traditional banking models are old news. Open banking will impact and change the financial sector forever, even in Switzerland. We are seeing the creation of an ecosystem that holds enormous potential for all concerned. It will allow interfaces to be opened up securely, leading to a flexible portfolio of services with maximum focus on the customer.

Growth opportunities
there for the taking

Growth opportunities there for the taking

Open banking makes traditional business models rapidly scalable, opens up new markets with new partnerships, and enables stakeholders to play an active part in shaping the Swiss financial services market. So there's nothing stopping you positioning yourself as a digital trailblazer. And you’ve a greater chance of tapping new income streams.

More efficient
time to market

More efficient time to market

Looking for a better ROI, greater flexibility and faster reactivity to changes in the market? That's all possible thanks to new alliances and the capacity to bring in specialised services more efficiently. It strengthens your own competitiveness, too.

For 100% customer-
focused services

For 100% customer-focused services

Once central interface. Unlimited possibilities. The fast and flexible expansion of digital services takes the customer experience to the next level. Open banking also opens the gates to innovation, turning customers into fans.

Less complexity,
greater savings

Less complexity, greater savings

Streamlining your own IT architecture has never been so easy or efficient. Standardised interfaces are the key. The time and effort involved in development is minimised, cutting costs significantly.

Simon Kauth, Chief Product Officer, Finnova

“Open banking is teamwork. The key factors are a shared set of values, strong concepts, and a professional approach to implementing them!”

Simon Kauth Chief Product Officer, Finnova

“Quick, easy and personal. That's what banking has to be today.”

Adrian Berger Managing Director Finance & Telecom Solutions, Ergon


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Adrian Berger

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