Augmented Reality
A virtual experience that’s good for
real-life business

Progress can be profitable. By overlaying digital content onto a real-world setting, augmented reality (AR) creates genuine added value. The technology recognises the user’s surroundings to determine and display relevant information.  Applications range from digital device operation to process optimisation and virtual planning. Augmented reality puts you a step ahead of the competition. 

Process optimisation
like never before

Process optimisation like never before

Augmented reality doesn’t just simplify working processes, it also makes them several times more flexible and efficient. It can present information in a smart way, for example, combine video instructions with real-time communication, or generate visualisations within a planning system.

Easier to identify
and control devices

Easier to identify and control devices

We are increasingly using networked devices to make our working lives easier. With augmented reality, we can control them in real time wherever they are. We can identify these devices quickly, display the relevant information, and authorise access to the functions we need.


Seamless data-gathering

Augmented reality makes it easier to gather data, while also improving its quality. AR captures the environment and the objects it contains, pinpoints and analyses deviations in the data, and then synchronises it automatically with the broader IT system.


Virtual scenario-planning

Creating true-to-scale visualisations of non-existent objects, interior designs or buildings has never been so fast. Augmented reality provides an immersive understanding of a real-world environment, which eases decision-making and saves time and cost.

Caspar Andri Largiadèr, FieldWalk

«Our recipe for success? A vision, a strategy, and Ergon as our technology partner.»

Caspar Andri Largiadèr Founder FieldWalk

“We’ve been helping our clients to implement their AR solutions for years now. It makes us proud to see their ideas take off.”

Daniel Neubig AR Technical Lead, Ergon Informatik AG


Daniel Neubig

Daniel Neubig

Head of AR
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