Taifun is an integrated software solution for efficient service fulfilment and billing. Taifun enables telecom service providers to handle the entire customer end-to-end process, starting with the offer and sale of their services and products, through to the preparation stage, right through to customer invoicing and transferring settlement data to accounting systems or providers.

Taifun's modular structure means that it can be tailored precisely to the requirements of a wide range of different operators and business models. Moreover, Taifun's open and flexible architecture makes it suitable for use by operators of different sizes as well as in cutting-edge technological environments. Taifun also guarantees a high level of transparency throughout the service lifecycle. Self-service and self-administration components can also be integrated as additional extras.

Taifun is suitable for any (communication) service provider looking for a compact solution for end-to-end coverage of customer administration, order management and billing processes.


  • Central product catalogue with commercial and technical specifications for all products
  • Interface to the CRM system
  • Customer and offer management
  • Order and contract management
  • Inventory and warehouse management for customers’ terminal devices
  • Workflow-based service provisioning
  • Interface to the technical (network) infrastructure and external systems
  • Billing and invoicing for convergent services
  • Invoice archive and interface to external print shop
  • Interface to accounting (bookkeeping, controlling) and logistics (materials management)
  • Customer and order portal for resellers

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