Opening up securely.
Maximising customer focus.

Ergon offers a ready-to-use solution for open banking in Switzerland that meets the Swiss NextGen API standard and NextGenPSD2 as well as the highest security requirements. Its central interface enables service portfolios to be expanded quickly and flexibly, removing barriers to new cooperations and allowing traditional business models to scale up rapidly. The goal is to help companies create new and better customer experiences, tap new markets and manage customer data securely.


  • Shape Switzerland’s financial market and position the country as a digital trailblazer
  • Improve return on investment, greater flexibility, faster response times
  • Expand digital offerings thanks to efficient integration of specialised services
  • Promote innovation through artificial intelligence thanks to increased data flow and data integration
  • Lower interface development costs
  • Reduce infrastructure complexity via standardization


Central interface in line with swiss and EU standards

  • Central, standardised interface for connecting and managing third-party providers (TPPs)
  • PSD2-compliant (Berlin Group’s NextGenPSD2)
  • Swiss de facto standard (Swiss NextGen API as per
  • Flexibly expandable to accommodate new requirements and standards

Access and consent management

  • Database for secure consent administration
  • Third-party application access management
  • Configurable user interface
  • Account access and payment authorisation using transaction signatures
  • Revocation of account access authorisation

Easy integration into any bank’s it system

  • Interface for connecting to any banking backends
  • Flexible integration using existing IAM, WAF and API gateway solutions

Fully integrated with Airlock Secure Access Hub

  • Meets international compliance standards GDPR, PSD2, PCI-DSS, MAS
  • Central and upstream user authentication
  • API security:
    • Validation of API calls (signatures, certificates, etc.)
    • Ensuring conformant interface usage
    • Attack detection and blocking
    • Management, automatic registration and authentication of TPPs
  • Transaction signing with second factor authentication of the end-user


The Ergon Swiss Open Banking Sandbox enables development and testing of a Third-Party Provider (TPP) application for the Swiss NextGen API. This includes use cases, where a TPP can request to read the customer's bank accounts and create payments in the name of the customer. Let's get started

Contact at Ergon

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Adrian Berger

MD Finance & Telecom Solutions
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Sascha Rieger

Sascha Rieger

Senior Key Account Manager
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