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2022: Ergon continues to develop – sustainably

There were diverse new developments at Ergon Informatik in 2022: an office in Germany, an expanded solutions business and innovation projects. At the same time, Ergon has continued to develop proven products and services and pursue its stable growth course.


Ergon among the best again

In sixth place for 2023, Ergon has once again been recognised among Switzerland's best employers. Why? Our values and culture.


Successful business innovation

What does an effective innovation process look like? How much innovation does a company need in the first place? There’s no patent recipe for successful business innovation. But if the framework and the approach are aligned, success is within reach.


Optimising box sizes – letting the air out

Digitec Galaxus is short of air. And that’s a good thing. The online retailer has optimised the size of its boxes. Why? Because any unused space must be filled. That isn’t environmentally friendly, it’s unpopular with customers, packing orders takes longer, and there’s more volume to transport. It took Ergon just two months to model the company’s requirements and calculate what box sizes would work better. With seven billion variables, optimising the model demanded great engineering and cloud computing expertise. The result was a 28 percent reduction in the need for filler.


She who dares, wins

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Dame Sarah Springman has successfully lived a work-sports balance as civil engineer, academic and triathlete – even having a brush with oil painting, flattering her neighbour’s feline friend, Herr Schmitt, with an impromptu portrait. The former rector of ETH Zurich talks about respect, bringing new talent on early, and her experience swimming in the 13-degree English Channel without a wetsuit.


Openness in its DNA

Lenzburg-based Finnova AG represents the future of banking. As a Swiss bankware provider it invests significantly in expanding its digital products, services and solutions within a platform-based business model. With open banking it also furthers the fusion of banks and providers from outside the financial sector. CEO Hendrik Lang gives us an exclusive insight into this solution provider’s vision, mindset and ecosystem, and reveals why openness is good for business.


Ultra-wideband: spatial awareness for smart things

Ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless technology is quietly making its way into our everyday lives. It’s already supported by many smartphones, and the first products are already on the market. What exactly is UWB, and why is the technology so revolutionary?


New needs, new opportunities. How hybrid working works.

Better work-life balance, greater flexibility, and more purpose. That's what today's employees want. The pandemic has accelerated transformation in the workplace. It has shown us that a distributed organisation works. Employees and employers alike reap the rewards. Hybrid working is the future. But how does it function best? And what kind of an effect does it have?


Standout medical practice software

Axonlab intends to make work easier for medical professionals all over Europe. Such ambitious goals require sophisticated methods. And sophistication is something Axenita has plenty of. Axonlab’s medical practice software combines the world of diagnostics with IT to reach a new level within the industry. CEO Roland Steger and CIO Martin Michel explain how they plan to make Axonlab the most important player in the outpatient healthcare market.


Axenita in practice

Praxis Gleis 6 in Baden offers general medicine, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, osteopathy and medical massage. The practice is proud to provide modern, scientifically based care combining heart and mind. Orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal injury specialist Dr Axel Stamm talks about his experience with Axenita.


Successful 2022: Ergon growing and expanding

IT service provider Ergon Informatik continues to thrive. Turnover rose to CHF 33 million in the first half of 2022, while the headcount was up by around six percent. Ergon also had a special reason to celebrate, with the opening of a new office in Germany. 


The metaverse: will the virtual soon be real?

Everyone’s talking about the metaverse. But what is it exactly? What happens to us and the way we experience the world when the virtual melds with the physical? We examine the business opportunities that the metaverse opens up, and ask if there’s any real substance behind the hype.


A lifelong passion

Patrick Kaltenrieder is in charge of digitalisation at KPT Krankenkasse, a Swiss health insurer, and responsible for IT operations. He also lectures on online marketing strategies at the University of Bern. The secret to his energy? It's simple, he says. Loving what he does and doing a worthwhile job are the keys to his work-life balance. He counts himself lucky to have an understanding and forward-thinking employer.


Holistic health the da Vinci way

dacadoo operates a digital health engagement platform. The white-label solution is sold to insurers and providers of workplace health programmes in more than 40 countries. They can then offer their individual and corporate customers a contemporary health promotion service. The platform inspires users to live healthier lives while also benefiting from personalised offers, creating pricelessly close customer relationships. COO Manuel Heuer on customer motivation, Leonardo da Vinci, and the importance of the Airlock Microgateway to dacadoo's vision of the future.


"SSI fulfils its potential with universal use"

Switzerland does not yet have a digital form of ID, although it is in the works. Michael Gerber of SBB is convinced that SSI will only reach its full potential if it can be used internationally.


Self-sovereign identity: an ecosystem of digital identities

Online we can be whoever or whatever we want to be. But how do you make sure an online identity is genuine? Self-sovereign identity is a new way of creating trust in the digital world – and it goes way beyond what we currently understand as identity.


An integrator with a feel for people

Adrian Schmid heads eHealth Suisse and is in charge of implementing electronic patient records nationwide. He grew up in a medical family, but joining the healthcare sector was a late career move. Since then, his great feel for what people really need has made him one of its leading lights. We speak to an impressive integrator with a critical outside perspective.


A passion for IT

What does it take to succeed in IT? A talent for the subject matter, of course. A mix of logic and creativity. Focus in combination with an open mind. And naturally also team spirit and hard work. There's a single, basic virtue that trumps all of these, however: passion. That is what spurs us on every day to shape the future alongside our customers – and to outdo ourselves every time.


Ergon establishes subsidiary in Frankfurt

After substantial growth in Germany, Ergon Informatik AG is establishing a branch office in Frankfurt. This signals a clear commitment to the German market and is in line with Ergon’s ongoing aspiration to remain close to its customers. 


2021: Into the future with new resilience

Increasing turnover, major new business and new employees: There were successes at all levels again in the second year of the pandemic. After powerful growth in 2020, Ergon deliberately invested in the ongoing development of the enterprise.


Wanted: team-spirited IT enthusiasts

Our employees know that working at Ergon is a bit special. They see software development less as a profession, and more as a calling. Ergon offers business-minded team players a creative environment to do what they love most – finding forward-looking solutions to customer problems. People look forward to coming to work in our friendly and supportive environment.


Not just a programming job

We believe that happy employees make customers happy customers. Values such as team spirit, creativity, openness, camaraderie and enjoyment in our work are qualities that our colleagues at Ergon display every day.


The trainee with a passion for IT

Valentin Jauch is 20 and in the fourth year of his apprenticeship as an application developer at Ergon Informatik in Zurich. He tells us why he opted for an apprenticeship over the more academic route. What does his job involve? And what sustains his passion for IT every day?


The thrill of the unknown

New customer, new project, new team. Now what? When getting a group to gel, coordinators set the tone. They are calm, motivated and focused on the goal ahead, helping to ensure that everyone is able to perform to the best of their ability.


Software-building casts its spell.

Daniel Neubig is ardent about mathematics and sees IT as its practical application. His ambition is to harness software to make things faster, easier and better. What he likes most about his job? The moment after the long development phase when all the components meld and work seamlessly with each other.


When persistence pays off

Marco Marchesi is Chairman of CymbiQ Group AG, provider of integrated security solutions and Cyber Risk Resilience. With instinct and commitment, he has gone from electrical engineering to the Co-Founder and CEO of several companies. It all began with a vision that he was determined to sell to his boss and that almost cost him everything. His instincts were only confirmed years later, in a lift, when he uttered the magic word: cybersecurity.


Ace your architecture

Digitalisation is advancing area by area across the corporate world. Yet without IT architecture management, businesses can't keep up with the pace of innovation long term. Architecture touches everything. Get it right and you can respond very quickly to emerging demand without putting the flexibility and security of your applications at risk. This demands a joint effort from a company's management, IT and business departments.


Connecting people

Community-builders generate a sense of unity. Their proactive energy and motivation bring people together, tempts them out of their comfort zones and inspires them to connect with others. Those are important enough qualities at work but even more so in a social context.


Ergon wins the Swiss Employer Award 2021 – recognition for the company's unique culture

Ergon, the Zurich-based IT service provider, has been transforming digitalisation trends into unique client value since 1984. Characterised by equal opportunities, trust and participation, Ergon's corporate culture is just as exceptional.  This is reflected in the company's outstanding ranking in the Swiss Employer Awards. For the third time, Ergon has emerged as Switzerland's best employer, and also recorded its second win in the 250–999 employees category.  


The great power of small source code.

Remo Marti has worked at Ergon for 14 years. He is one of the cornerstones of the development team for our renowned security product, the Airlock Secure Access Hub. What sets smart software apart? "It always has to stay agile and expandable, so that it doesn't run wild and maintenance becomes impossible."


A financing platform for the digital age

Bank Vontobel has captured the spirit of the digital age with the very first Swiss online money and capital market platform: The prestigious investment house has made it easier than ever to match attractive issuers with potential investors. Private placements, public bonds and loans can be posted in just a few userfriendly clicks. Stefan Pomberger, Head of cosmofunding, on the art of simplifying complexity.


The shift left in security culture

Development, security and operations form one team to test ideas, quickly, and get feedback early on. They automatically incorporate security tools into every phase of the software development life cycle. The result is secure software that is as fast as Agile and DevOps. Security becomes both economiser and accelerator.


The pleasures of everyday complexity.

For Rebekka Henke, it is a privilege to deal with and to resolve highly complex problems every day. She is fascinated by how technology can be brought to useful life through human interaction.


60% vision, 120% passion

Sandra Tobler is CEO and Co-Founder of cybersecurity specialist Futurae Technologies AG. She recognised the potential of IT early on but became a businesswoman purely by chance. She partied with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and was one of the pioneers of the Swiss fintech scene. She doesn’t let a visual impairment get in her way as she maintains a keen sense of balance between technology and humanity.


On course

Agile, but not directionless. Focused, but not inflexible. Pacesetters have the necessary attention to detail and a feel for the right tempo. Combine that with good client relationships and the team is on course for success.


When software engineers feel like business owners.

In simple terms, Nicolas Burri is responsible for ensuring that the customer ultimately gets software that does and delivers what it promises. What he finds exciting about Ergon? “Right from the start we’re told that we are independently responsible for ourselves and our projects. To do what we’d would do if it were our own company.”


Augmented privacy: with progress comes responsibility

The pandemic has forever changed the way we communicate and collaborate. It has also encouraged us to explore augmented reality, giving it a considerable boost. Now market-ready, AR has a whole array of uses but the technologies it needs conflict with important issues – primarily data protection. Any enterprise using AR has a responsibility to tackle these risks early on.


Exploring his creative side.

As Head of Testing, Sandro Ibig enjoys delving deep into complex IT projects. He loves testing because it combines all his passions.


Ergon and Airlock at VIScon 2021

VIScon 2021 was held at the ETH in Zurich from 15 to 17 October. We were there, as we are every year, to enjoy 42 hours of hacking, 24 inspirational talks, and some thought-provoking workshops. This year's event was a complete success. Around 300 IT students were able to gain first-hand insights into our industry. Meanwhile, there was plenty of activity at the sponsors' stands, including our Squeeze-a-Duck Challenge.


From trainee to trainer.

Marco Fritschi is project manager and in charge of in-company training for the generation of tomorrow. He finds it very satisfying to watch how trainees grow and forge their own paths.


ETH Campus Interview pre-event: Ergon meets Dr. Brauwolf

The ETH Campus Interview is the largest job interview day in Switzerland. It gives Ergon the opportunity to introduce itself to interested IT students from the ETH and University of Zurich.  During a beer-tasting event, our engineers Sybil Ehrensberger, Dani Neubig and Benjamin Grenacher explained why they love their work and gave a look behind the scenes of software engineering, AR and security. After an exclusive tour of the Dr. Brauwolf craft microbrewery from Dr. Stefan Wolf himself, we sat down to talk about internships and what it takes to become an Ergonian straight from college.


The broader view

New territory can be challenging. Trailblazers are full of good ideas, though. They’ll often take a step back so they can see how to move forward; looking left and right before focusing on the path ahead. Equipped with the right questions, they get teams over the finish line.


It's all about the customer.

Keno Albrecht has always had a thing for smart user software. Externally, he works with customers to draw up their individual strategies and project aims. At the same time he is in charge internally of getting them implemented on schedule – a job that covers planning, staffing and finance.


WWZ – multi-utility agility

WWZ Energie AG serves the canton of Zug and its surrounding regions with power, water, telecommunications and electromobility. As a multi-utility company, it adds substantially to the creature comforts of the local population. Generating almost CHF 230 million annually with a workforce of just under 500, its results are impressive. But how does WWZ manage these diverse sectors from the software point of view? And how do you become Switzerland’s most customer-focused energy and telecoms utility? Stefan Willi, CTO, and Adrian Rüegg, Head of Application Management, offer an insight into this innovative enterprise.


Farewell, comfort zone

Marco Bazzani is Chief Information Officer and member of the Executive Board of Swiss-card AECS: one of Switzerland’s leading credit card providers. Having abruptly changed course at a late stage in his career, he embodies change management like no other. Mr Bazzani left his comfort zone and now successfully performs a daily tightrope walk, bal-ancing IT and business, technology and humanity. We asked him how he does it.


Putting his own future together.

As a child, Silvio Heuberger, Senior Software Engineer, loved to take his toys apart and put them back together again. Since software development works in much the same way, he has found his calling.


A team effort

Building trust with empathy, keeping promises and motivating by listening – team workers create an atmosphere in which everyone is comfortable, works effectively and progresses together. No one is left behind.


My 10 years at Ergon? Anything but boring.

Kathrin Scheidemann likes the team spirit at Ergon, as well as the huge variety of the work. She co-develops software in addition to being a project manager.


The art of intuitively meeting users where they are.

Where UX design is concerned, Patrick Federi guides the customer from the idea through to implementation. In doing so he makes sure that our solutions absorb the user's needs as effectively as possible.


Advisory X.0: ask me anything

“Hey Siri”, “Hey Google”, “Alexa!”. We have fallen under the spell of voice assistants. From their beginnings in the home, developments in voice recognition are now paving the way for their growing use in business. Understanding commands, or even entire conversations, and responding in seconds, digital assistants are fast becoming our favourite little helpers.


“AR takes plan data straight to site”

Construction is booming in Switzerland. Fieldwalk founder Caspar Andri Largiadèr wants to make developers’ work easier by using AR to project digital blueprints straight onto the building site.


Fully integrated into the team.

Noah Stalder did his apprenticeship with us, and is now studying as he continues to work at Ergon. As a Security Software Engineer he programs custom code as well as a variety of security configurations, and also takes care of customer support.


Electrified by innovation

Most Swiss have (literally) had contact with the Feller brand, whether they know it or not. The company produces light switches, sockets and home automation solutions. It has been the industry leader here for decades, with a market share of 80 per cent. Growing digitalisation and smart technologies are generating more growth potential than ever, especially in the connected home segment. R&D Director Jürg Sprecher and Head of Electronics Development Jakob Fritsche enlighten us on continuing to satisfy ever-changing customer needs, while keeping their own brand switched on.


BIM goes Augmented Reality

Building information modelling is a big asset to construction. As a digital twin, its 3D data can be visualised on site using augmented reality. The technology is versatile, portable and easy to use.


When work becomes a state of mind.

Fabian Nart, User Experience Architect, focuses first and foremost on the mobile user experience. He loves to develop something that people always carry around in their pocket.


Agile: nothing is impossible

The ability to adapt quickly to a changing world has always been a key success factor in the digital transformation. The past year really put that ability to the test, as companies strove to reinvent themselves while remaining both resilient and innovative. They had to move fast to institute and optimise new approaches to work and working together. “Agile” is a term we have all heard before but it took on a whole new significance during the pandemic.


A late arrival becomes an innovation leader

Christoph Wille sits on the Management Board of Valiant Bank as Head of Customer Services & Channels. A lawyer by trade, he took a detour to IT and banking, where his inventive mind has found its home – and its squad. For Wille, progress is always a team sport. His best bit of business advice? Ask more stupide questions!


On personal terms with AI.

Claudio Ferrari is interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He is fascinated by the possibilities it opens up to humanity.


Pragmatism, practicality and positivity

Lots of people. Lots of ideas. And even more opinions. Implementers help the team to find and maintain focus. They're conscientious, reliable and have the discipline that it takes.


How would I define good software architecture? It's sustainable, of course.

Michael Bolliger collaborates creatively with our customers to build software architectures. He is also dedicated to assuring our high technical quality standards.


Digital proof of identity

While Switzerland is still debating the merits and dangers of the digital ID, one man is a firm believer in its future: Markus Naef, CEO of the SwissSign Group, provider of the SwissID. It combines user-friendliness with the highest security standards and already has almost two million users nationwide. The vision? Simplified access to digital services streamlines minor business processes and makes our lives easier. Quite apart from the benefits for service providers and users alike, the cost savings are huge.


Cultivating user-friendliness.

Daae Suh tests the software we develop to see that the features work as they should or if there are any complications. In addition to reviewing technical functionality, she is especially checking out user-friendliness.


The secret ingredient of success? Trust

Without trust, many elements of our working lives would not function. It has huge potential to help us navigate the challenges of change and the accelerated pace of digitalisation. Trust is a positive expectation, encouraging a feeling of security while giving us greater autonomy in our work. With so many diverse priorities competing for attention, it is more important than ever that organisations are clear and reliable in their communications so that they can earn trust and retain it.


Going for it.

Marco Devcic is responsible for our company’s internal IT. There are no run-of-the-mill emergencies here. No “my PC won’t start”. If someone needs Marco, it’s inevitably a complex problem.


The best place to study innovation? The real world.

Nicolas Trüssel, Software Engineer, is fascinated by the process of breaking down highly complex problems and simplifying them completely with software.


Passionately helping to shape the future.

Katja Sonderegger, Software Engineer, loves writing software. She is fascinated by the sheer diversity of her projects, and is excited to help shape the digitalisation of our everyday world.


The joy of making a difference.

Friedrich Oesch, Head of Professional Services Airlock, has worked at Ergon for 25 years, and feels right at home in the midst of complex projects.


IT is king, working atmosphere is queen.

Valentin Jauch, Trainee Application Development, finds Ergon a friendly and respectful place to work. Trainees are valued by all and treated as full members of the team. Fun tasks make work interesting.


To solve a problem you must first understand it.

Urs Breu likes working at Ergon. As he says himself, thanks to the trust shown by his co-workers and managers, he enjoys enormous freedom within the bounds of his job.


Congratulations to the class of 2021!

We are delighted once again to report that our trainees have achieved some of the highest marks for IT apprenticeships anywhere in Switzerland. Our warmest congratulations to Isaia Brassel and Ivo Cavelti for successfully earning their federal Computer Scientist EFZ diplomas, specialising in application development. Including Isaia and Ivo, 32 trainees have now gained their federal diploma with us.


Ergon secures the Joining Forces project for the Office of the Attorney General

Ergon has prevailed against ten other bidders to win the contract to design, implement and run Joining Forces. Joining Forces is intended to improve cooperation on prosecutions, and will also enable case files to be kept digitally.


Building resilience for the future

Ergon Informatik continued to expand vigorously in the first half of 2021. The IT service provider generated revenues of CHF 30.5 million, seven per cent higher than the previous year. Employee numbers rose to 350.   


Finnova launches 'Open Banking as a Service' solution

Finnova is launching its 'open banking as a service' solution with the implementation of the Swiss NextGen Banking API. The as-a-service solution enables the simple, efficient and secure connection of third-party companies and fintechs to the Finnova banks. Ergon's Swiss open banking solution is a central part of the as-a-service product.


2020: Trust as a recipe for success

Accelerated digitalisation, exciting new customers and organic agility brought success in an extraordinary year. Thanks to the impressive engagement of everyone involved, Swiss IT service provider Ergon Informatik can report positive annual results, closing the year with sales up 13% and 5.8% growth in its staff.


The FieldWalk collaboration platform – centralised quality management

Need to connect everyone involved in a building site? Give them a fast and easy way to share information, from project planning right through to building operation? Allowing the centralised management of quality, defects and outstanding works, one seamless, easy-to-use app makes it all possible: FieldWalk.


A guide to blockchain in public administration

More transparent. More efficient. More trustworthy. Blockchain offers up huge potential for the public sector and all the administrative processes that it entails. But what's the best way to put blockchain technologies to work here? And what can they actually do for us? A practical new guide makes decision making easier.


Successful together: growing through challenges

“The team at Ergon not only understand the customer’s challenges, they relish a challenge themselves.” Such was the response of aspectra CEO Kaspar Geiser to the question of what makes Ergon special. What else does he have to say about the partnership?


IT security for more than 200 million customers

From measuring fever and pulse to blood tests: Hardly any other industry is as data-oriented as the healthcare sector. And dacadoo makes this data useful, both for people as well as insurers and health organizations. The Zurich-based start-up has become a real driver of innovation in e-health – thanks also to Airlock, the security solutions by Ergon Informatik AG.


5 security challenges in an open banking ecosystem

Open banking has become a strategic priority and an IT security paradox for many financial institutions. The castles have to open their gates and lower their drawbridges, while, at the same time, finding new ways to defend against unwanted guests. In this context, many see IT security as a challenge and an inevitable evil – but nothing could be further from the truth. When done right, securing APIs can actually be the key factor to improving user experience in an ecosystem.


The advantages of an intelligent, upstream security solution

Can IT security solutions really be agile? And can the conflicting goals between user-friendliness and attack protection be reconciled reliably? Our security expert Roman Hugelshofer offers some answers. His response: Yes, it’s possible – and more necessary than ever before.


IT is a strategic business partner

Roman Hugelshofer, Ergon’s Managing Director Application Security and a member of the Executive Board, illustrates how companies can steal a march using Ergon’s domain knowledge, and why a good user experience is essential.


Successful together: when you both go the extra mile

Ergon has been supporting ambitious start-up VIAC from the initial idea right through to the successful market launch of its digital pension solution. Co-founder and CEO Daniel Peter talks about the ingredients of such a close cooperation.


Defining the power of the cloud

Christian Sciullo, Google Cloud’s Country Director CH/AT, explains the potential inherent in the cloud and who is set to derive most benefit from it.


Successful together: passion at work

Ergon in three words? Smart, smart, and smart. That was the answer we got from Isabelle Ohnemus, founder and CEO of EyeFitU. How did this cooperation come about and what does she particularly like about it?


Dreams as a source of innovation

Marianne Wildi, the CEO of Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, speaks about disrupting the sector, fighting for her dreams, and how her bank might look in 300 years.


Talk at VIScon Digital 2020

All aboard the hype train! Staying up to date is a big challenge in our industry. New and exciting technologies and paradigms often emerge. Watch Ranil Wijeyratne’s talk at VIScon Digital 2020 on 10th October 2020 and learn how to stay sane in an industry that is constantly trying to reinvent itself.


Open banking in Switzerland? Not so fast!

The brakes are still on open banking in Switzerland. Examples in the EU and UK show that smart regulation releases enormous potential for banks and fintechs. Two experts from Swiss IT firm Ergon explain.


How financial companies can stay relevant with blockchain

Jan Brzezek, the CEO and founder of Crypto Finance AG, speaks about the opportunities presented by blockchain and its potential as an enabler of new collaborations.


Successful together: providing the best possible solution

In the “Preferred Partners” series, our clients discuss what has impressed them about working with Ergon, why they chose a partnership with the company and what particular moment has remained a special memory for them. A video interview with Stevan Dronjak, Team Lead, Web Application Security, Raiffeisen Switzerland.


How business apartments can lead you into the Dragons’ Den

Anja Graf, CEO and Chairwoman of VISIONAPARTMENTS, on modest beginnings, the hurdles on the path to success, and the importance of working with the right partners.


Successful together: built on trust

Trust and Reliability are two of Ergon’s core values. They are also important to our client Barclays Switzerland Services. Just ask Mélanie Petit, Head of Swiss Change Portfolio & Digital Programme Manager at Barclays Switzerland Services.


Supporting digital transformation

With more than 1,000 staff dealing with family services and further education, the Office for Youth and Careers (Amt für Jugend und Berufsberatung, or AJB) is one of the Canton of Zurich’s largest departments. As it digitalises its infrastructure, the AJB has set itself the goal of standardising and developing its services in a customer-focused and forward-looking manner. Ergon has been supporting the department on its digitalisation journey.


More than just a team

Stable but not inflexible. Autonomous but part of a community. This is how our teams see themselves at Ergon. But how did we arrive at this approach? And what shapes the way we work together?


Blockchain for business: redefining trust

Blockchain has been around for a long time but, as the hype dies down, this security-based technology continues to challenge the business status quo across many organisations and industries, with Gartner predicting full scalability by 2023. So, what does it look like behind the scenes of the technology everyone is talking about?


Heading forward, with ambition

August Harder has been Head of IT at Coop for more than 20 years and is one of the driving forces for digitalisation at the company. His goal is to use computers to make the firm more efficient – always for the benefit of the customer, of course, but never losing sight of his ideals. So what helps him get out of bed in the morning? Curiosity, tenacity and enjoying what he does.


Security above all

Robert Gebel, Head of Business Process Solutions at Swisscom Business Customers, talks about heavy security requirements in outsourcing; the increasing demands of mobile banking and digital banking services; and how curiosity and customer proximity are still essential in the 21st century. And the potential of digital services evolving around healthcare.


Robo-advisors in a nutshell

Robo-advisors have hitherto been primarily associated with banks’ investment business and asset management. They provide a rules-based, automated portfolio management system and offer customers digital advice. But how much sorcery is actually involved here? And are there more use cases to be discovered? Or even opportunities for other sectors?


Product success centred on people

Tactful enthusiasts are required for an idea to cut through and be heard. For it to be established as a product, it will need its champions. To make sure it remains a success, you need people who think outside the box – and the right environment.


Successful together: benefiting from domain knowledge

Ergon’s partnership with M-net Telekommunikations GmbH goes back 20 years. Leonard Iuhasz and Dr. Alexander Vilbig talk about the secret to their success and why they value Ergon’s flexibility.


Open banking – safe and secure

Once unthinkable, open banking, unfettered access to banking services via an interface, has now become a trend. Open banking allows third-party providers (TPPs) to offer their own financial services to clients, irrespective of the bank that actually manages the account. This expansion of the customer interface has already been regulated in the EU and currently operates on a voluntary basis in Switzerland. What are the key success factors when it comes to opening up such access and what insights might the Swiss glean from their neighbours?


The road less travelled

No product can be successful without ongoing development. Stand still and you will miss the boat. There are many paths and experience will often give you the right steer. But what if you have to strike out in a completely new, previously unimaginable, direction – where you are trying something unconventional with a view to achieving something entirely unheard-of?


Sustainable performance in the construction industry

With 1,100 employees, the Amstein + Walthert Group is one of Switzerland’s leading companies for building services engineering, offering modern approaches to develop and maintain buildings, facilities and infrastructures. Its thirst for innovation is deeply engrained in the company culture. And discussions about digitalisation, energy and sustainability are part of its everyday business. Construction supervisor, Paul Hitz, explains to us why quality control is beyond essential.


Complex matters made simple

Caspar Andri Largiadèr, founder of FieldWalk, talks about how, by chance, he discovered a gap in the market, which led him to revolutionise the construction sector. He created an augmented-reality-driven app to navigate easily around large-scale construction sites. And the more complex a site, the bigger the app’s benefits – sometimes it even helps to save millions of Swiss francs.


Entrepreneurial passion for solutions

Not your average banker: Marianne Wildi is CEO of Hypothekarbank Lenzburg. With 300 employees, it is one of Switzerland’s largest regional banks. She sees herself as a mediator between banking and IT, and skillfully merges customer proximity and digitalisation. How? With an open mind, trust and team spirit.


The art of business architecture

The Office of Youth and Careers in the canton of Zurich has its eyes on the future and aims to enhance its many servicesin the spirit of digitalisation, remaining true to its customer-centric approach. How can this bold vision be accomplished? Jean-Claude Nüsperli, Head of Application Management, talks about the dynamics of centralisation, society’s increasing diversity and how the application of Mondrian affects its future.


A solid start to the year

Ergon Informatik is pleased to report positive business performance in the first six months of 2020, with turnover totalling CHF 28.5 million. These sound figures reflect customer confidence in the Zurich-based IT company’s products and services as well as the strong commitment of its employees. During this period, Ergon also opened an additional site, acquired several new clients and successfully managed the challenges presented by the new coronavirus (COVID-19).


Successful together: on the same wavelength

We have enjoyed many years of partnership with our client Coop. What Denise Borchard, the company’s Head of CM Processes, particularly likes about working with us is our openness and our accessible approach. But when was the moment she realised Ergon was the right choice? Find out more in the video interview.


Collaborate to innovate

Two roles, one focus: Mélanie Petit, Head of Swiss Change Portfolio and Digital Programme Manager at Barclays Switzerland Services, is a force majeure who conceals a refreshing sense of humility from within the eye of her team-driven, tech storm. Powered by a strong set of values, the goal-oriented risk taker leads with confident, yet modest, resolve as she positions her team front-and-centre for collective success.


Modern software development: "survival of the fittest”

Innovation and technological progress have made software business-critical. Indeed, software innovation now pervades every facet of our lives and has upended entire sectors. These days, anyone wishing to make a difference must constantly stay on top of the latest software development trends and know which way the wind is blowing in their chosen operating environment. The software projects that ultimately succeed are those that can identify and meet the requirements of users – needs, after all, often catalyse new opportunities.


Innovation takes time

There is a massive array of modern technology available but adopting it all unquestioningly might not be the wisest approach. On the other hand, clinging rigidly to the status quo can spell disaster as well. Having the courage to step outside your comfort zone and deploy the right idea at the right time is the route to success.


Making values count

Roland Matt has been the LLB Group’s CEO since 2012. He learnt the banker’s trade from the ground up and recalls the “fantastic time” he had as a novice handling cash in the bank’s “engine room”. He is convinced that the entire structure of a company stands and falls with its culture, which is why the modern bedrock of this venerable institution is its system of corporate values.


Custom-built for success

Adrian Schoch, CEO, and Tobias Kricki, CFO, of Procare Vorsorge AG, talk about their innovative broker tool developed in association with Ergon. How a simplification of their complex system sequences raised product quality and revenue at the same time. And the power of the personal touch in the age of digitalisation.


“An IoT platform has to be reliable”

Belimo is an industrial firm that has been investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) since 2015. Daniel Albrecht, Head of Development Software, talks about the current state of the art, explains what an IoT platform should deliver and discusses the topic of security.


Successful together: bringing ideas to life

It was Ergon’s financial sector know-how that tipped the scales for Vontobel in deciding to work with the company. In this video interview, Stefan Pomberger, Head of Quant Group Fixed Income, discusses the moment he personally realised they were on the right track.


Let him speak now or forever hold his peace

There are currently well over a hundred IoT platforms on the market and even the experts are finding it hard to keep track. Changing platforms is generally possible from a technical perspective, but often entails high costs and long delays. When choosing an IoT platform, thorough evaluation is key for purchasers wishing to avoid a rude awakening.



Felix Niederer is founder and CEO of True Wealth. Having identified a gap in the market and followed his intuition, he launched Switzerland’s first online asset management company in 2013. A physicist by training, you might say he has been disrupting the market with a Big Bang. However, although its core business is in wealth management, the startup still sees itself as a technology firm.


Leading multiple generations

The workforce in many organisations is becoming increasingly diverse – when Baby Boomers meet Gen Z, there’s a 40-year age gap. This means that a particularly wide range of lifestyles, work habits and career goals are now rubbing shoulders. How are business leadership and team collaboration changing as a result? What are the advantages of age diversity in the workplace and what practical considerations should you bear in mind for things to run smoothly?


Successful together: shared values

In this video interview, Marco Röthlin, Swisscom’s Head of Banking Security, shares what he particularly appreciates about working with Ergon and which values are of central importance to him in a partnership.


Successful together: adding value

In the “Preferred Partner” series, our clients discuss what has impressed them about working with Ergon, why they chose a partnership with the company and what particular moment has remained a special memory for them. A video interview with Thomas Honegger, CEO of RDM Systeme AG.


Amazon Web Services – Ergon becomes new partner

Ergon became an official Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Partner in March 2020, thereby strengthening its expertise in the field of cloud computing. Several industrial clients have already chosen Amazon’s cloud solution backed up by the expertise of Ergon’s highly qualified AWS specialists.


Liechtensteinische Landesbank launches LiPay

Ergon has helped Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB) develop LiPay, its own new digital payment solution.


Merchandise management 2.0: Flexibility with Android

ERGO, the mobile merchandise management solution developed by Ergon, has been successfully deployed at more than 1,200 Coop retail outlets since 2013. ERGO ensures that every branch’s stock-control data is up to date at all times, making routine duties easier for staff. Ergon has now reconfigured the software for the Android operating system, thus making it compatible with smartphones.


Optimising inventory levels with machine learning

Bossard, a market leader in fastening technologies, uses intelligent logistics systems to supply production plants worldwide. The company’s success is underpinned by the highest standards of quality combined with ongoing product development. Its latest innovation in the field of smart factory logistics is SmartOrdering – a system that uses machine learning to automate and optimise the procurement process. The results include increased availability of C-parts for customers, 70 per cent fewer express deliveries and significant cost savings.


2019: successful together

Ergon Informatik AG marked a major milestone in 2019: 35 years in the business. It looks back on a positive year in which it increased turnover by four per cent and celebrated sustainable solutions and anniversaries. 26 additional jobs were created and a third site is due to be opened in 2020.


Successful together: focusing on client needs

A video interview with Tobias Kricki from Procare Vorsorge AG about working with Ergon and why a user-friendly solution is so important to him.


Focus on business requirements thanks to upstream security

The insurance industry is a static business – one would think. But what used to be, has now changed fundamentally. Agility and fast innovation cycles are currently the dominant challenges in the insurance business. Visana knows that too. And that’s precisely why it has opted for Airlock.


Successful together: uncomplicated cooperation

OPO Oeschger spotted the potential of augmented reality (AR) at a very early stage and worked with Ergon to exploit the opportunities offered by the technology. In this video interview, CIO David Froidevaux discusses what he particularly likes about working with Ergon.


Successful together: hitting the spot with counter questions

In the “Preferred Partner” series, our clients discuss what has impressed them about working with Ergon, why they chose a partnership with the company and what particular moment has remained a special memory for them. A video interview with Simon Tobler, Head of Trading, and Daniel Dettwiler, Head of Platform Management, Crypto Broker AG.


“Building a good ecosystem within Switzerland”

Dieses Jahr wurde die Initiative gestartet, die es zum Ziel hat, neue innovative Geschäftsmodelle zu schaffen und Ökosysteme zu begünstigen. Im Interview Adrian Berger über die Hintergründe und Erwartungen.


Relies on central security structure for user-friendly access and good scalability

In recent years, Raiffeisen has established itself as the leading retail banking group and the third-largest cooperative bank in Switzerland. Customer proximity is one of the most important reasons for this success and Raiffeisen now has around 1.9 million cooperative members. More than one million customers also use online banking. Above all, they value customer proximity, sympathy and trustworthiness. In order to guarantee this in the long term, the e-banking system must be fast, efficient and, above all, secure.


Modern leadership – resilience in a VUCA world

The world of work is becoming more and more dynamic, with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) on the rise. Question marks hang over tried-and-trusted business models and traditional leadership structures. So what types of organisation are likely to succeed in a VUCA world?


Doing away with clichés

Women are underrepresented in IT. What exactly is holding them back from writing code? Where is the prejudice coming from? Sybil Ehrensberger, a passionate software engineer, wants to break down barriers and is trying to bring more female talent on board, including via Django Girls.


Ready for take-off

No trend is currently being discussed as widely and with such indiscriminate enthusiasm as artificial intelligence (AI) but what a lot of people don’t know is that a large proportion of AI development is open and accessible to everyone. Michael Schröder and Wilhelm Kleiminger describe how companies can make an agile and scalable start to their AI journey with the right approach and data science in the cloud.


“Whatever happens, it’s a win-win for consumers”

Robo-advisors are booming in the USA, although they have yet to establish themselves properly in Switzerland. Daniel Peter, the co-founder and CEO of Viac, tells us why such automated advisory services could flourish in this country as well.


Going digital is not enough on its own

Robo-advisors are not really catching on in Switzerland. Market penetration is apparently minimal and the share of total assets under robo-management is vanishingly small. Success stories are few and far between, though not unknown, and the central question remains: what does a robo-advisor need to succeed?


Cloud. Right, wrong or indifferent?

Once a niche solution, cloud computing has developed into an IT ­standard for modern companies. Cloud computing opens up a multitude of opportunities but it comes with challenges as well: should the company cloud be private, public, hybrid or even a multi-cloud? Cloud experts Daniel Bacher and Zoltán Majó shine a light on this paradigm shift.


Modern banking – a client-centric future for banks

Will the modern bank of tomorrow be purely digital, or will branches and advisors still have a role to play? How can customer retention and loyalty be assured? How have new fintechs offering traditional services, such as account management and payments, managed to create online forums that attract 15,000 user posts in a month? An expert article from Adrian Berger, MD Finance & Telco Solutions.


Humans, space and interaction

Rapid technological progress is dramatically expanding our horizons where it comes to the interaction of humans with machines – also known as human-computer interaction, or HCI. Gone are the days when we had to swallow a 200-page manual in order to use a video recorder, on which five buttons had to be held down simultaneously, for three seconds, to enact a single function. HCI experts Dr. Robert Adelmann and Prof. Dr. Markus Stolze outline the latest developments.


The devil in the detail drives me to succeed

The stereotype of a software engineer working – introverted and alone – in a dark, subterranean room could not be further from reality. Today, communication and collaboration, both with clients and other developers, are key. Daniel Koller speaks about his goals at work and in the wider software community.


Just do it.

Daniel Peter is CEO and, along with Christian Mathis and Jonas Gusset, joint owner of VIAC AG. He is also joint ­initiator of the VIAC pension app – the digital 3a pension solution for everyone.


Looking to the future, leading the pack

Production lines are complex machines. Once they are started, they run ­perfectly but all it takes is a change from one biscuit variety to another and the whole thing can grind to a halt. A technician is called to reset everything and only then can work be resumed. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if staff on site could pull the levers themselves? The ever-popular Blévita cracker gave Ueli Eggenberger, head of IT at Meilen-based Midor, a brilliant idea …


Healthy ­impatience.

Urs Güttinger is CTO of the Bossard Group. From its headquarters in Zug, the company has become one of the market leaders in fastening technology in Europe, North and South America, and Asia-Pacific, with a network of partners in every region of the world. 2,500 staff meet the needs of 2,500 suppliers and 25,000 customers. Bossard delivers intelligent logistics systems that optimise production facilities, such as those of Tesla, a major client. It handles 8,000 tons of materials in Zug alone – and the same services worldwide.


Speed. Agility. Security.

Digitalisation is transforming our economy, sector after sector, accelerating the evolution of web technologies. These developments are affecting security solutions as well – the trend is clearly pointing towards a convergence of application security, API security and access management. The many benefits of such an integrated approach include a shorter time to market for projects and lower total cost of ownership. However, if organisations are to derive maximum value from digitalisation, they must combine management and IT skills in intelligent ways. Security expert Martin Burkhart elaborates why.


It started out as a hack

Paying your bills without e-banking? These days, it’s unthinkable. The first e-banking system in Switzerland was developed by Ergon over 20 years ago. Thomas Ward was the pioneer and driving force on the team back then. He has since specialised in software solutions for banks and found his true calling.


The valve that speaks volumes

Eugen Seitz AG, an independent, family-owned company, that has been in business for more than 60 years, has achieved international success with its valve technology. One of the firm’s departments manufactures the stretch blow moulding valves used to produce PET containers. Francesco Fini, Head of Seitz’s PET Business Unit, and Joachim Schmidt, PET Team Leader and Senior Design Engineer, explain how this process works and outline the company’s ambitions for the future.


“End users have a real need for open banking”

Open banking is a hot topic in the fintech world. The EU’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which regulates security and the opening-up of interfaces in the bloc, has been in force since mid-September. Adrian Berger, Ergon’s Managing Director Finance & Telecom Solutions, discusses the state of play for open banking in Switzerland.


Yesterday and tomorrow

If your GPS, compass, Apple Maps and Google Maps are no use, hat will you need to bring the past to life in the present, using augmented reality (AR)? How is the City of Zurich hoping to explore its own past? And, most importantly, what has it got planned for the future? Christian Hürzeler, Project Manager at the GIS Centre of Competence within the City of Zurich’s City Planning Office, takes us behind the scenes.


Open Banking in Switzerland

In rolling out PSD2, the Payment Services Directive, EU legislators have compelled banks to open up customer interfaces, thereby making their services available to third-party providers, such as fintech companies. But how is Switzerland’s financial sector, which is not bound by these regulations, dealing with this situation?


It’s about seeing eye to eye

How do you win over a new client? What must be right for a business relationship to work? How do you build lasting collaborations that often grow into friendships? Ruedi Hugelshofer has been involved in selling for decades but would never describe himself as someone who works in "sales". He sees his role in quite a different light.


Declaration of independence

Anja Graf, Group CEO and Chairwoman of VISIONAPARTMENTS, had already founded her own modelling agency by the age of 16 before discovering a gap in the market at 18: nobody seemed to be offering short-term, furnished rental accommodation, which could be rented by models and business travellers. The first principal at her commercial high school encouraged her, her father advised caution and her second school principal accused her of being “out of her mind”. She knew right away which route to take.


Banking, market and people

Rolf Olmesdahl, Head of IT Department and Services (COO) at Raiffeisen Switzerland, welcomes us into his office in the company’s headquarters in St. Gallen for a chat – an uncluttered space with no flash or ostentation. There’s a laptop on the desk but precious little else. His office is known within the firm as “the clean room” but this description could equally be applied to his approach to work, which is efficient, electronic and no-nonsense: clean, precise but always with a human touch.


“A lot of practices baulk at the prospect of changing systems”

Martin Michel, CIO of Axon Lab AG, discusses the requirements that modern-practice software must fulfil and the hurdles to be overcome when introducing such a system.


Digitalisation as an advantage in the competition for individual flat-rate payments

Digital transformation is bringing new perspectives and opportunities for hospitals to out-manoeuvre the competition in the race to attract individual flat-rate payments. Only those who actively engage with risk and seek out opportunities will derive sustainable benefits from digitalisation. The aim is to convery those patients referred to their GPs and attending physicians into satisfied customers and ensure success over the long term.

An expert article by Michael Doujak, Product Manager Airlock Secure Access Hub.


A network for success

Ergon recognised the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) at an early stage – not least to help Switzerland’s many excellent SMEs achieve substantial competitive advantage. What has been the secret of Ergon’s success in helping companies plug in to a networked future? Benedikt Ostermaier and Gert Brettlecker take us behind the scenes.


The dormant potential for digitalisation in medical practices

Healthcare costs are rising, unchecked, for Swiss households. How can this trend be countered without compromising the quality or range of services on offer in the healthcare sector? Digitalisation is opening up a host of promising opportunities for medical practices to enhance their internal efficiency and improve treatment quality.

An expert article for "Netzwoche" by Marco Dubacher, Project Manager E-Health at Ergon.


I’m a risk-taker.

Peter Ohnemus is the founder and CEO of dacadoo. His new health app is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” which is considered a symbol of symmetry, beauty and body-consciousness all round the world. What can the app do? How does it work? And, most importantly, what goes on in the mind and work diary of an entrepreneur who has founded more than 20 companies and floated three firms on the stock exchange; who is constantly buying and selling, and coming up with new ideas and projects?


Always one step ahead

From initial idea to successful product. Not only must software be future-proof, it must also be secure and fit the precise needs of the client. Marc Bütikofer, creator of the Airlock identity and access management (IAM) component, describes the birth and growth of the product – and what it takes to outfox a hacker.


IoT – but with security, please

Whether toothbrushes, central heating, cars or industrial facilities, more and more of the technologies that surround us in our day-to-day lives are being networked, either locally or via the Internet. Not only do they communicate with each other, they can also talk to smartphone apps, cloud applications and (value-added) services provided by manu­facturers or third parties, making it possible to deploy new applications, shape processes more efficiently and devise new business models. Consider the notion of networking through to its logical conclusion and the end result is the genesis of entire Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems where the added value is a function of the interplay of all the myriad components. Such interconnected systems generate powerful synergies at both a technological and organisational level. IoT professional Benedikt Ostermaier and security expert Urs Zurbuchen explain.


A diverse canton with a panoply of responsibilities

With some 35,000 staff and more than 1.5 million customers, Zurich’s cantonal administration is the biggest local authority in Switzerland and a leading employer. It has a wide range of duties to fulfil and a huge variety of requirements to meet – and here, efficiency and cost awareness are two considerations in particular that require constant vigilance. As Lukas Weibel and Peppino Giarritta from the Canton of Zurich’s State Chancellery explain, digitalisation is being deployed to mobilise potential that was otherwise lying fallow.



Digital change is certainly ubiquitous, but does it present a threat or an opportunity? Crypto Finance AG is seizing the opportunities. Launched only eighteen months ago, FINMA has already granted the company a licence to operate as an asset manager. They anticipate imminent change in global banking under the motto “collaboration, not competition”. Jan Brzezek, CEO of Crypto Finance AG, explains how this works.


Perfect is the enemy of good.

Peter Schmidlin is Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at the Swiss SME Belimo, which is headquartered in Hinwil. The company is the global ­market leader in the development, production and ­marketing of ­actuator solutions for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Belimo has a global footprint and operates in 80 countries across every inhabited continent. Founded in 1975, it now employs more than 1,700 staff.


Successful together

Virtually every service provider claims they are committed to delivering an optimal solution but, regrettably, such promises often turn out to be no more than empty words. What lies at the heart of a successful customer relationship? At Ergon, everyone agrees that the company’s culture is not only fertile ground for fruitful cooperation with clients, it is the bedrock of the firm’s success as a whole. Gabriela Keller, Ergon Informatik AG’s CEO, explains why personal responsibility, flexibility, trust and partnership are key to the company’s success.


State-of-the-art practice software

Ergon has rebuilt Achilles, its existing practice software, for Axon Lab AG, a specialist in medical laboratory diagnostics, software solutions and life sciences. After a one-year phase of beta-testing, the new software has been on the market under the brand name Axenita since the beginning of 2019. The solution is easy to use, meets high security standards and can be deployed flexibly, thanks to its modular structure.


Augmented reality: exhibition planning made easy

Ergon has developed an AR app for the University of Zurich’s Zoological Museum that uses virtual objects in the real world to enable flexible planning of exhibitions and support speedy decision-making.


Best of Swiss Web Award for Ergon customer Crypto Finance

Our customer Crypto Finance was honoured at the Best of Swiss Web Award Night on 17 April 2019. The group won silver in the Technology category for its order management and execution platform and asset trading portal. Presented for the 19th time in 11 categories, these well-respected awards attracted a total of 340 project submissions, 86 of which were shortlisted.


Ergon is expanding its range of cloud computing services in cooperation with Google

Zurich-based company Ergon is now officially a Google Cloud partner. This has seen the firm levelling up its skillset with a host of Google Cloud certifications as Professional Cloud Architects and Professional Data Engineers.


Taking the smart route to a perfect PET container

Eugen Seitz AG is a market leader in the field of valve technology for the stretch blow moulding machines used to produce PET containers. From its headquarters in Wetzikon, the company supplies machine and plant manufacturers who produce drinks bottling lines all round the world. To ensure ongoing improvements in the valves, and, thus, in the manufacture of PET containers, Seitz sets out to equip its machinery with smart technology in order to deliver greater customer value.


Safe switchovers on the production line through innovation

Meilen-based Midor is part of the Migros Group. Raising efficiency whilst maintaining high quality is a key issue for the Swiss market leader in baked goods and ices, so Midor is on a constant search for untapped potential when it comes to optimising its  production lines. One useful solution has been found with augmented reality in the form of a HoloLens headset.


A glimpse of the past

The City of Zurich must surely grow and change, but it must also stay true to itself. The Zurich’s City Planning Office helps to lay the foundations for such continuity by coordinating public/private interests and initiatives connected with architecture and urban planning, maintaining Zurich’s historic fabric and making it possible to deliver pioneering construction projects. Access to communication channels that allow local people to experience projects for themselves adds real value, and augmented reality (AR) promises new and innovative avenues of opportunity here.


IoT: Device manufacturers over time

Digitization is putting pressure on established device manufacturers in many industries. A paradigm shift is needed: from static products to dynamic, networked system solutions.


Swiss student at the World Robot Olympiad in Thailand

The TechNoLogic team with its robot

This year's international robotics competition took place from 16-18 November in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Six Swiss students competed against teams from around 60 countries and proved their skills. Ergon again supported the senior team as sponsor.


Cloud or no cloud - how to decide?

It is virtually undisputed that the future of IT in business lies in the cloud. But there are big differences in the ways it can be implemented.


How to implement a successful IAM solution

Identity and access management (IAM) solutions can offer companies a wealth of benefits. But how do they find a system that is right for them? And what are the things to look out for when choosing a system and planning its implementation?


1x Gold, 2x Silver and 1x Bronze for Ergon customer VIAC at the Best of Swiss Apps Award 2018

From the left: Christian Mathis (VIAC), Patrick Federi (Ergon), Daniel Peter (VIAC), Matthias Leumann (Ergon) and Jonas Gusset (VIAC)

With the first fully digital pillar 3a app in Switzerland, the start-up VIAC was able to convince the jury of the Best of Swiss Apps Awards and received four awards at the Award Night on 7 November 2018 at the Aura in Zurich. VIAC won gold in the "Business Impact" category, silver in the "Design" and "Functionality" categories and bronze in the "Innovation" category.


In the code: defeating the unknown

Why protect an insecure web application with an additional security product such as a web application firewall (WAF)? Wouldn’t it make more sense to invest these resources in developing secure applications or in identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities? I am often asked this question when talking to application developers. With the way that today’s web applications are developed, configured and deployed, it is unfortunately virtually impossible to eradicate all security flaws. Even if the program code you have written yourself meets the applicable quality standards, it may depend on other components that do not.


Ergon wins the Best Workplace Award


The Best Workplace Award 2018 was presented today at the Orgatec trade fair in Cologne. We are delighted to be awarded first place in the "Large Companies" category and would like to thank all those who submitted their assessments.

The Industry Association Office and Work Environment e.V. (IBA) and kununu asked users of Europe's largest employer assessment platform how satisfied they are with their workplace. Among other things, the survey dealt with the topic of working conditions with questions on the four components room & furnishings, light/acoustics/climate, technology and design & atmosphere. More than 10,000 employees took part in the survey and voted for the Best Workplaces 2018 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Platin for Airlock at Readers Choice Award

The winners of the Readers' Choice Awards 2018 of the seven insider portals were chosen at a festive evening gala on 11 October 2018 in Augsburg. We are happy about the platin award and thank everyone who voted.

From 16 April to 31 August, all readers had the opportunity to vote for their favourites. Each insider portal had named up to ten major IT providers or manufacturers in an editorial preselection per category.


Successful VIScon at ETH Zurich

The Computer Science Building of the ETH: The Venue of the VIScon

The first VIScon took place from 5 - 7 October. Organized by the Association of Computer Science Students (VIS) of the ETH, VIScon offered all interested students a 3-day hackathon and a 1-day symposium. Ergon acted as one of the main sponsors and was on site with several employees.


IoT cloud platforms: make the correct connections

By adding networking capabilities to their devices, manufacturers expose themselves to a wealth of new challenges that often exceed the limits of their usual expertise. Ensuring reliable communication with hundreds of thousands of devices or supporting use by all manner of applications are by no means trivial demands. IoT cloud platforms can however promise support.


Gold for Ergon at the 2018 Swiss Arbeitgeber Award


Celebrations are in order for the Zurich-based software company Ergon Informatik AG, who scooped first place at the ‘Swiss Arbeitgeber Award’, an award which commends employers in Switzerland. For the first time, the company entered the category for firms with 250 to 999 employees.


AI is more than a zero-sum game

Computers have long been better chess players. Nowadays they also steer cars and make clinical diagnoses. Is human intelligence about to be replaced by «artificial» machine intelligence?


«In five years, artificial assistants will be helping us with our jobs»

Artificial intelligence is a mega-trend. In this interview, Dominik Moser, a senior manager at Ergon Informatik, talks about how Swiss companies can employ AI solutions right now and what we can expect over the next few years.


Future Day on November 8, 2018

As part of the national Future Day on November 8, 2018, interested girls can get a taste of the world of computer science at Ergon. In addition to information about computer science and the profession, the participants will program their own computer program with Scratch.

We welcome registrations via the website of the national Future Day (under the project Mädchen-Informatik-Los!).


Visualising door handles with Augmented Reality

Ergon has developed an Augmented Reality app for the Swiss company OPO Oeschger which allows virtual door handles to be viewed in the real world. The same app can be used to order the door handles immediately if the customer likes them. This lowers the risk of incorrect orders by the end customer and cuts the costs to the company as fewer door handles need to be returned.


Augmented Reality: when, if not now?

Augmented and Mixed Reality have a lot of potential. The three experts who talked about the subject at Ergon's "Beer, Bytes and Beats" event were all of the opinion that it is worth getting to grips with the subject early on.


Ergon Informatik invests in the future and records successful first half of 2018

The company generated sales of CHF 25 million francs and created 9 new jobs. As a proven digitization partner, Ergon has made significant investments in the areas of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, which have been further expanded with new or strengthened teams.


Ergon celebrates the summer

A report from Computerworld on the Ergon summer party: On July 4, the software company celebrated its annual beer, bytes and beats festival with customers and partners. 350 guests accepted the invitation to Lake Side. The focus of this year's event was Augmented Reality with presentations by Ergon expert Robert Adelmann, a practical example by David Froidevaux, Opo Oeschger, and a presentation by Prof. Markus Stolze from HSR Rapperswil.


Successful apprenticeship degrees 2018

We congratulate our two apprentices Erwin Tran and Sven Höpfner on their successful apprenticeship degrees as application developers. Both will remain with us until the beginning of August and will then begin their studies in computer science, Erwin at the ZHAW and Sven at the HSR. We wish them all the best for the future and good luck in their studies.


Ergon-Hackathon 2018

On 21 and 22 June, 23 people took part in the company's internal hackathon. In five different groups, the participants dealt with very different topics. The spectrum ranged from two mixed reality groups and smart contracts to mobile expense recording and considerations for a WebApp for the "Ergon-Schoggi cabinet".


IoT: "I am in it" and now?

There are many hopes associated with a networked world. But a light bulb doesn't simply go on through Internet access alone. Wilhelm Kleiminger and Michael Schröder of Ergon Informatik explain how companies can implement new digital business cases at different levels using interconnection with the physical world and artificial intelligence applications.


From ETH to Software Engineer

How can an ETH student make the leap into the world of work? A good one and a half years ago, Cyril Steimer successfully completed his Master's degree in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. He had already completed a six-month internship at Ergon Informatik AG. The experiences there helped him to decide where to go after his studies.


Change of staff on the Ergon Board of Directors

Ergon Informatik AG welcomes Teddy Graf as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. He succeeds the former Chairman and long-term Ergon CEO Patrick Burkhalter.


"What does economic mean?"

Patrick Burkhalter resigns as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ergon. In an interview with Marcel Gamma from inside-it, he takes stock and takes a stand on outsourcing, wage cuts and the new E-ID.


Facing change with further training

What skills will computer scientists need in a few years? In the HR Today article we provide insights into our HR policy.


Updated Privacy Policy

In the course of the new basic EC data protection regulation (GDPR) we have adapted our data protection declaration. You can find it under the following link.


Successful participation in the Swiss Company Run

Nine Ergon emplyees took part in yesterday's B2RUN, finishing 23rd out of 273 teams. Congratulations to all involved! Our fastest teammate with rank 57 out of 1303 men was Andreas Hermann.


When bonuses spoil the corporate culture

The article in the NZZ is dedicated to the topic of profit-sharing instead of bonus plans: companies are increasingly decoupling the bonuses from the individual performance of employees. Ergon has renounced performance-related remuneration on the basis of individual targets since its foundation and relies on profit and risk sharing. Read more in the article.


Digital agility

During times of digitalisation, banks face major challenges. They need to be able to integrate new functions and innovations quickly, their customers need to be able to access their own personalised range of offers at any time, from anywhere, and 100% security is paramount at all times. The Liechtensteinische Landesbank began its digitalisation project in the autumn of 2015 and now, scarcely two years later, the entire infrastructure is up and running with the new online portal seamlessly in place: it is modern, customer-orientated and secure.


Ergon at the IT Days 2018


Ergon will also be a Premium Partner at the third edition of the IT Days. From 30 May to 1 June 2018 we offer programming workshops for school classes and teachers. On Saturday, June 2, 2018, you will meet us at the IT-Fest in Albisrieden. At our booth we will inform you about our company, our projects and the daily work of a software engineer. In the afternoon our CEO Gabriela Keller will also give an insight into our company and show why IT is the profession of the future.


Successful Best Swiss Web Award Night for Ergon customers

Two silvers in the Technology category, one silver in the Innovation category for Ergon customers: Liechtensteinische Landesbank LLB, the Inspectorate of Roads of the Canton of Lucerne and start-up Viac successfully impressed the jury of the Best of Swiss Web Awards with their digital projects. The trio were honoured at yesterday's Award Night in Samsung Hall in Dübendorf. In total, 301 projects in 11 categories were entered in the 18th edition  of the prestigious awards. 86 projects made it to the shortlist.


Mixed Reality: Companies are seeking partners

The potential of augmented and mixed reality is recognised. Currently, one of the biggest challenges for companies is to build up enough expertise fast enough to deliver and scale in this exponentially fast-moving area.


Strategy or agility?

How can companies achieve real competitive advantages in the complex environment of constantly changing trends? This article proposes a combined approach of strategy and Design Thinking approaches.


Ergon customer Belimo garners German industry award for IoT Cloud solution

The Cloud-enabled, intelligent Belimo Energy Valve™ impressed the independent jury of the German Industry Prize and is the winner in the "Energy & Environment” category. In total, more than 100 applications were received in this category. The energy valve was co-developed for Belimo by Ergon Informatik AG.


Fully digitalised third pillar

To make the abstract topic of retirement planning palatable to young Swiss people and at the same time offer a simple and reasonably priced 3a pillar solution – this was the vision of the three founders of VIAC. This led to the first-ever 100% digital solution for retirement planning on a smartphone app in Switzerland, developed swiftly by Ergon in close cooperation with Viac.


Satisfied employees are our most valuable asset

Young, well-trained and capable talents: every employer is looking for them. But the top offspring is choosy. Not every company is equally sought after. For graduates of computer science courses, the Zurich software company Ergon Informatik AG is one of the first addresses for job searches. This has nothing to do with "luck," says CEO Gabriela Keller. In an interview with Persorama, she reveals a number of success criteria for good young talent work.


More secure payment thanks to machine learning

Internet fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated – smart protective measures are required. The fraud detection solution developed by Ergon Informatik AG can detect fraudulent payments more reliably than traditional systems, thanks to artificial intelligence.


Support in consulting

Michael Schröder joined our team in March as Head of Consulting. Michael spent the last 12 years at ELCA, where he built up and managed the consulting business in German-speaking Switzerland.


Airlock is Cyber Security Excellence Award Winner 2018

Airlock has won the prestigious Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2018. 400,000 members of the global information security community honored the Airlock Suite with the award. This year, more than 246 applications were submitted for different categories.


"Blockchain Expert Day" at Ergon

On February 20, Ergon organized an "Blockchain Expert Day" as an internal hackathon. Several groups worked on different established blockchain projects.


New offer for software testers

The job description of a software tester has changed dramatically in recent years. Unfortunately, many training courses do not meet the current requirements of the market. Rapperswil University of Applied Sciences wants to change that.


IT security through the comparison of ambient noise levels

Airlock, the security product of Swiss software developer Ergon Informatik AG, announces its new technology partner Futurae, a provider of a strong multi-factor authentication suite.


Successful 2017 financial year for Ergon Informatik AG

The Zurich-based software company increased its sales to 56 million francs in 2017, up 5.6% yoy, and created 15 new positions for permanent employees.


Best work-life balance in Switzerland

We rank first in the kununu ranking for the best work-life balance. We are delighted and would like to thank our employees for the good grades.


Central trading platform for cryptocurrencies

In pursuing its goal of making investment in new, digital currencies as simple, intelligent, transparent and secure as possible, Crypto Finance AG has been working closely with Ergon to rapidly develop a central trading platform for cryptocurrencies that provides professional access to the crypto asset investment universe.


Team Ergon wins at the AppQuest

The sixth AppQuest Treasure Hunt took place on the campus of the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil on 16 December 2017. Our two apprentices Sven Höpfner and Joel Sauvain participated as Team Ergon and secured victory on points. We congratulate them on their success!

On the AppQuest, learners compete against each other with their self-programmed apps. For three months they are working on five apps for the Treasure Hunt. Of the 48 teams that started, 30 made it to the final.


Ergon develops trading platform for first professional crypto broker

Swiss software company Ergon has developed a trading platform for Crypto Finance AG, a company based in Zug, Switzerland, whose aim is to make it easier to invest in new digital currencies – and did this development for this brokering business in record time.


Fintech for retirement planning


For young people, saving for old age is about as interesting as going to the opera or a philosophy reading. Start-up company VIAC wants to change that. Working together with Ergon Informatik and the WIR Bank, this new company has now launched a 3a pillar app on the market, aimed at making the concept of planning for retirement more palatable to ‘digital natives’.


Smart Factory – Smart Company: Industry 4.0 Conference

The "Industry 4.0" Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum, which took place at the GDI in Rüschlikon on 29 November 2017, was all about Smart Factory – Smart Company. Participants discussed topics such as increasing efficiency, productivity and satisfaction thanks to digitization, the work of tomorrow and the advantages and pitfalls of artificial intelligence, networking and the cloud. In addition, Swiss industrial companies provided insight into how they are dealing with the challenge of digitisation.

Also present were our employee Robert Adelmann, Head of Mixed Reality & User Experience, who gave a lecture on Mixed Reality, and Peter Schmidlin, CINO at our customer Belimo, with a presentation on the topic "Innovation Driver IoT - A Pioneer's Experience Report".


Ergon develops digital retirement planning solution for start-up

To make the abstract topic of retirement planning palatable to young Swiss people and at the same time offer a simple and reasonably priced 3a pillar solution – that was the vision of the three founders of VIAC, all around 30 years old themselves. This vision led to the first-ever 100% digital solution for retirement planning on a smartphone app in Switzerland, developed by software company Ergon Informatik AG. In the WIR Bank, who have a share in the start-up, VIAC found a partner who could help to fund its project.


Future Day 2017

On this year's Future Day we welcome 25 boys and girls. With the help of the graphical programming environment Scratch and Computer Science Unplugged exercises, the students gained a playful insight into computer science. The event was organized and carried out at our company by our two software engineers Andrea Zimmermann and Dario Simone together with our apprentices Sven Höpfner, Adrian Büchi, Nino Hauser and Nils Gerber.


Conference on Digital Security

At the Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum "Digital Security", participants discussed security in the company, including the areas of human risk factor, user experience vs. security, understanding attackers and recognizing patterns. In addition, companies reported on how they deal with risks from the Internet. The event took place on 5 October 2017 at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Rüschlikon.

Also present was our employee Marc Bütikofer, Director Innovation Airlock. He gave a presentation at the conference on "Security and Usability - a Contradiction?".


Embedded Computing Conference 2017

The annual Embedded Computing Conference was held at the ZHAW in Winterthur on September 5, 2017. Among others, our employee Gert Brettlecker was present. He gave a lecture on the topic "11 years of pioneering work on the Internet of Things: Retrospective and Outlook".