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Our mission is to empower smart people with smart software. As a trusted partner, we create sustainable competitive advantage for ambitious clients who wish to chart their own future.

In delivering some exceptional projects over the years, we have been lucky enough to cooperate with many inspiring companies from a wide range of sectors. Understanding our clients’ needs is our top priority – we set great store by sustainable relationships and work with our partners transparently and respectfully.

“Above all, I appreciate their willingness to put themselves in our shoes and their desire to understand the users.”

Denise Borchard Head of CM Processes, Coop

The Coop Group is one of Ergon’s biggest clients. The first project was delivered back in 2006, when Ergon was commissioned to revamp the firm’s system for logging staff work time. Further projects were to follow, including a mobile merchandise management system and a comprehensive tracking system. The most recent project has been an advertising management software suite to create advertising materials such as brochures, posters and banners for their online shops or packaging designs for their own in-house brands.

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In the “Preferred Partner” series, our clients discuss what has impressed them about working with Ergon, why they chose a partnership with the company and what particular moment has remained a special memory for them.