“Digital transformation” is fundamentally changing markets and the way to work in all sectors. There is a multitude of new “digital” opportunities, but there are also threats. The complexity of the environment has increased substantially, as have the difficulties involved in organisational and technological implementation. Companies now need to set their priorities, ensure their digital projects are on the right track, in terms of both their function and technology, and implement them correctly, while at the same time ensuring their staff are involved and included in the process.

We accompany our customers from initial idea right through to market success and help people succeed thanks to our passion for all digital challenges. Our customers benefit from many years of project experience in a wide variety of industries combined with sound methodological competence and technological knowledge.

Service portfolio

What do companies need to consider as they embark on their digitalisation journey? Our services cover the entire spectrum – from initial, high-level ideas right through to successful implementation and agile transformation. We help customers explore and answer the following questions:

  • Digital strategy: How can the company position itself vis-à-vis the digital competition? Which goals/vision should its numerous ideas/initiatives be based on? What skills are required and what should the roadmap look like?
  • Architecture: What high-level “architecture” is guiding specific digitalisation activities and projects? How should the various components of this architecture be coordinated (enterprise architecture)? What form should an appropriate security architecture take? How should the company manage the components of its architecture in order to succeed in the future?
  • Digital innovation: How can vague ideas for digital innovation be turned into reality? What successful business cases can the company develop based on AI, AR, blockchain, the cloud, IoT or portals?
  • Conception – implementation – introduction: How exactly should the envisaged products/business organisations/systems be designed (business analysis)? How will the user experience work? How can the company strike the right balance between stakeholder needs, resources and risks?
  • Agility and quality: How can the company evolve into an agile organisation? What would appropriate IT governance/organisation look like? How will the company ensure quality with respect to planning, implementation and operation? How will testing be handled?

We offer these services to our customers in combination with – or independently of – implementation by Ergon (e.g., in the form of assessments, audits and reviews).

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