Raiffeisen: Swiss software for the Swiss bank.

In the past years, Raiffeisen has established itself as the leading retail banking group and the third largest banking group in Switzerland. Its unique strength lies in its local foundations. Its proximity to the customer is one of the most important reasons behind Raiffeisen's success.

Ergon works closely with Raiffeisen in a number of different ways. Under several advisory mandates, Ergon helped to lay the foundations for an effective IT architecture to enable Raiffeisen's numerous future plans for digitisation to be developed consistently and then pooled together to form a uniform online offering. When it comes to the authentication of users and security as a whole, Raiffeisen relies on Ergon's Airlock Suite to protect its entire online channel. What's more, the CardX ATM transaction server developed by Ergon is one of the main processing systems used by this bank, which has the most ATMs of all the banks in Switzerland.