Midor: Using augmented reality to improve efficiency.

Blévita crackers being stacked up ready for packaging

Midor Meilen is part of M-Industry, one of the biggest own-brand manufacturers in the world and  the Swiss market leader in the production of baked goods and frozen desserts. The firm is always looking for ways to increase efficiency while keeping its products’ high quality – case in point: the Blévita cracker, available in 39 flavours and various pack sizes. In the past, whenever the production line switched from making one type of cracker to another, the entire line would grind to a halt and a technician would have to be called in to recalibrate the machines, losing time and making the process inefficient. In collaboration with Ergon, Midor developed a prototype that displays supplementary information from the production line equipment and enables staff to interact with the machinery. Using a HoloLens and augmented reality, an employee on the production line can now recalibrate the machines reliably and efficiently.