Eugen Seitz AG: "Smart" valves for the production of PET containers.

Assembling a valve under strictly controlled hygienic conditions

Eugen Seitz AG is an independent, family-owned company with more than 60 years of history that has achieved international success with its premium valve technology. Seitz is a global leader in valve technology for the stretch blow moulding machines used to produce PET containers and supplies machine and plant manufacturers, who produce drinks bottling lines all round the world. When Seitz wanted to make their valves “smart” by equipping them with sensors and linking them to an Internet of Things (IoT) network, they called on Ergon. The two firms held business case workshops to hash out ideas, to review what the technology would or wouldn’t allow and to develop entirely new business models. From the beginning, it was clear that only a high-capacity cloud solution would do: each production line collects several terabytes of data per month. Amazon’s AWS Cloud Services were used to provide a fast and agile IoT solution that can be scaled up worldwide, should the need arise.