dacadoo: A global health score.

Digital and mobile solutions for improved health (m-Health) and an enhanced sense of well-being play a significant role in terms of motivating people to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. With its unique Health Score, dacadoo decided to focus its mobile and digital health platform on this emerging market.

The Health Score was developed by dacadoo in collaboration with a Professor and former long-standing scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA.


The dacadoo Health Score is a scientifically calculated value between 1 (low) and 1000 (high) and is based on over 100 million person-years of clinical data. The value changes in real-time, depending on physical values, emotional well-being and lifestyle (movement and sport, diet, stress and sleep) and functions like a personal «stock quote of your health».

dacadoo was designed by Ergon engineers using cutting-edge technologies. The system architecture was designed to ensure maximum scalability, the highest levels of security, complete anonymity and the encryption of sensitive health data.

The data are completely separate from the user identity. Despite that, they can still be indexed and interpreted anonymously and on demand by means of the in-built management information system.


Starting with a vision of a global health scale, joint development with customers led to a lean, scalable and expandable platform, which is able to guarantee the highest levels of data security for its individual users.

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