Facts & Figures

Figures for the 2017 financial year

Operating income in CHF million 56
Number of employees 277
Permanent positions 247
Full-time positions (FTE) 224
Graduates 211
Students 10
Apprentices and student trainees    20
Year established 1984


A flat hierarchical structure and short communication channels facilitate collaboration and speed up decision-making processes. Our compact structure enables us to respond quickly to any changes to the market, technologies or individual projects, and our goal always remains the same: to maximise benefits for our customers.

Experience and affiliation

Ergon is characterised by its highly qualified employees, who have a wide range of professional experience and long-term affiliation with the company. 86% of Ergon's permanent employees are university graduates or graduates of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and over 80% of employees have at least five years of professional experience after initial training. Thanks to the low staff turnover rate of less than 4%, we're able to maintain knowledge and expertise within our organisation on a long-term basis and to continually develop it further.

30 turbulent years in the history of IT


Our poster, "The history of IT since 1984" shows 30 turbulent years in the history of IT, whilst at the same time describing the development of Ergon. This glimpse into the past was designed for the occasion of the company's 30th anniversary, which we celebrated in 2014.

How it all started...

Ergon was founded in 1984 by Teddy Graf and Christian Juon. Right from the very start, the company focused on developing customer-specific software on the basis of open systems. In 1992, Christian Juon left the company, and the remaining eight employees jointly purchased the company's shares in an employee buyout. All employees became employers, who subsequently elected Patrick Burkhalter as their manager.

The years that followed, until the internet bubble burst, were characterised by rapid technological developments. In a pioneering way, Ergon often anticipated new technological trends, established itself as a provider of innovative applications and grew to 65 employees.

Thanks to the development of new markets and diversification in various sectors during the internet hype, Ergon was able to successfully offset the slump in the online environment at the turn of the millennium without having to make any redundancies. Spare capacity was invested in the development of solutions in the field of telecommunications and in increasing the efficiency of software development.

Since 2005, the various business segments have been growing continuously. The newly created departments operate on an entrepreneurial basis and focus on market segments and the distribution of corporate responsibility. Each department now has its own management team, which is responsible for projects and the fields of Operations, Business Development & Sales, HR and Technology. Employees from different departments who are responsible for the different fields regularly meet, together with management and staff units, to exchange ideas.