Machine Learning

On the basis of large volumes of data, it is possible nowadays to learn, make decisions and continually improve the quality of results in a variety of sectors. Search engines, speech and image recognition, driverless vehicles, predictive maintenance, personalised sales suggestions and sales forecasts are already part of everyday life. Due to the volumes of data available and the increase in processing power, some general problems are now practically solved. However, problems that are highly customer-specific still require individual solutions, and this requires domain know-how and expertise in mathematical methods and models.

We do not offer a "one size fits all" platform: we develop individualised solutions in each case together with the customer. In an initial step, the available data is analysed on the basis of the problem in question. The knowledge gained from the analysis is then used as a basis for the next steps, where the aim is to achieve the highest possible levels of automation and ongoing quality improvements through the use of artificial intelligence.

Together with customers, Ergon has successfully implemented various successful data-based projects in the areas of finance, industry and retail. We have extensive and comprehensive know-how and a great deal of experience in handling problems in connection with data.

Our experts would be happy to support you with any problems and help you find solutions to this complex topic.

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