Mobile Product Management

For retail trade companies, product management is a complex matter. The right amount of each product must always be available. If there is too little, the display looks empty. If there is too much, the product perishes before it is sold. This applies above all to the convenience sector, where a product can only be sold within a short window of time.

The mobile product management solution ERGO, created by Ergon for Coop, ensures inventory information is always up-to-date in all branches, using process-controlled operations to take the strain out of employees’ day-to-day work.

When developing ERGO, the priority was the greatest possible levels of flexibility: the software is an individual solution and a standard product at the same time. It was individually developed for the needs of Coop, but can also be adapted for other companies.


  • Thanks to the modular development framework, it is possible to react quickly and with high-levels of quality to new requirements.
  • The central integration and control platform enables all systems to be connected.
  • New data acquisition units and new applications are easy to integrate.
  • Process-controlled operations make work easier and allow for quick and intuitive workflows.
  • High levels of user-friendliness, availability, performance and scalability.

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Alois Sauter

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