Personnel planning, time recording and access management


Zebra is a state-of-the-art system for personnel planning, time recording and access management. It is used in the retail, catering, production, logistics and administration sectors.


Zebra helps managers with the task of recording the hours worked by their employees, in accordance with legal and contractual requirements. In addition to personnel planning, Zebra also handles the different access authorisations for employees. The management information system gives managers a real-time view of personnel costs right at the planning stage. This enables well-informed planning decisions to be made.


As Zebra is linked to the ERP system, it transfers the relevant wage type and amount for each employee and cost centre at period-end closing. Conversely, the ERP system provides the Zebra server with access to master data and business management data. Master data includes data relating to the organisation, cost centres and employees, including their Zebra access authorisation based on their job role. Business management data is used for the automatic calculation of anticipated personnel costs.


  • Zebra is a focused solution, which is adapted precisely to the company's time management processes.
  • Zebra automates processes, reduces costs and improves the quality of time management.
  • Zebra can be integrated smoothly into the existing ERP system environment.
  • Zebra compares the personnel costs with the budgeted revenue as early as the planning stage, thereby increasing the company's cost-efficiency.


  • A modern Web 2.0 interface means that the system can be accessed anywhere.
  • Simple to operate without in-depth IT knowledge.
  • Interfaces to SAP HR/FI-CO/OM, Interflex, Kaba and other systems.
  • Scalable solution in terms of the number of employees and the agreements.
  • Rules for planning and time recording systems are flexible and can be configured centrally.
  • Errors are recognised and prevented on the front line.
  • Routine tasks are automated, relieving employees from repetitive tasks.
  • Personnel costs for time management are minimised.
  • The correctness of salary statements is always guaranteed.
  • Centralised data storage means that information is available throughout the organisation in real-time.
  • The reporting system covers all standard requirements.
  • The ad-hoc reporting system enables flexible queries.
  • The management information system enables well-informed planning decisions to be made. Cost-efficiency is increased.
  • Future and retrospective mutations are accounted for and portrayed correctly and transparently.

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