Internet of Things

Innovative edge through networking

Over the past years, the Internet of Things has developed from a research topic into an active field in the industry. This is mainly thanks to the massive expansion of the internet and huge developments in terms of hardware. Over 12 billion objects currently communicate with the internet. In a few years, this number will exceed 80 billion. High-performance microcomputers are embedded in all sorts of objects and connected to the internet. The networking of machines, devices, components, sensors and actuators with the Internet of Things (IoT) creates completely new opportunities for innovation and business, in particular for Swiss industry. It has a trump card to play here: its distinct customer and process knowledge. For sustainable technical implementation, it can count on Ergon's IT know-how.

The right partner makes more of your idea

Your market and customer insights are essential when it comes to a business idea. However, when it comes to putting these into practice, sound IT know-how is required, since plans involving the IoT place especially high demands on software development. It is imperative to choose the right architecture and technology, handle the requirements precisely and logically with an agile process, manage large and complex quantities of data efficiently, build an intuitive user interface and to reliably protect the networked system against cyber attacks.


These specific IT skills are often insufficient in industrial companies. Therefore, by working together with Ergon as your IT development partner, you can benefit in a multitude of ways: You can count on the solid specialist knowledge of our IT engineers. They have experience in various sectors, which they will incorporate, together with their external perspective, into your project. This, together with the commitment of Ergon's employees, may mean that your IoT project turns into something more than you'd originally hoped for.

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