Coop: Software for a successful shopping experience.

There's much more to Coop than a well-known supermarket around the corner. The Coop Group also includes a diverse range of outlet formats that don't bear the Coop logo, as well as wholesalers and production plants. The two pillars of retail trade on the one hand, and wholesale and production on the other, enable the Coop Group to perform well in both Switzerland and the rest of Europe. With Transgourmet Holding AG, Coop is the second largest company in the European cash and carry and wholesale supplies sector.


Since August 2013, Coop's retail outlets have had a new mobile branch merchandise management system. Inventory management, disposition and incoming stock inspections are all fully processed via the tailor-made software solution Ergo. It supports Coop's employees with their daily work and ensures that the inventory information in all branches is always up to date.



Highly available, scalable and ergonomic merchandise management for 1,200,000 items in over 2400 Coop branches, on 8000 mobile devices.