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SBB «ELAZ»: Neuer Alleskönner für das Zugpersonal der SBB

Fahrplanauskunft, Billettautomat und Kontrollgerät in einem: das Zugpersonal der SBB ist bei seiner täglichen Arbeit auf ein verlässliches, schnelles und handliches Multifunktionsgerät angewiesen. Nachdem die bisherige Gerätegeneration nicht mehr hergestellt wird, hat Ergon im Auftrag der SBB eine neue Lösung entwickelt. Das Ergebnis ist ein Erfolg: die SBB und ihre Mitarbeitenden sind mit «ELAZ», dem neuen Elektronischen Assistent Zugpersonal, sehr zufrieden.

Die 250 ELAZ-­Geräte sind seit Oktober 2012 im Regional­verkehr im Einsatz. Aufgrund der guten Erfahrungen wird die SBB den neuen Assistenten auch im Fernverkehr einführen, so dass der Vorgänger ZPG II bald der Vergangen­heit angehört. Gegenwärtig sind noch 1800 der roten Geräte im Einsatz.

Coop «Ergo»: A modern stock control system for Coop stores

With up to 350,000 different items in more than 1,000 branches and 530 million goods movementsper week, Swiss retailer Coop boasts impressive trade figures. “Ergo”, the bespoke new stock control solution specially developed for Coop by Ergon, makes day-to-day duties easier for staff and ensures that every branch’s inventory information is up to date at all times.

Belimo: Intelligent and decentralised control – drives with integrated logic

With Belimo sharedlogic Belimo, the global market leader for HVAC actuators and governors, has come up with an innovative and ground-breaking development platform for intelligent solutions in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is the result of five years of close cooperation with Ergon. Based on embedded systems, smart components can now be easily developed for decentralised applications used to automate building services.

SBB «LISA»: Effizient, sicher und mit Fernwirkung

Die SBB bewegen pro Tag rund 9000 Züge. Mit neuen Mobilgeräten konnten die Abläufe für die Disposition und das Rangieren der Kompositionen vereinfacht werden. Eine «Fernsteuerung» beschleunigt zudem diverse Prozesse wie das Überprüfen der Wagenbremsen oder das Schliessen von Barrieren. Dabei ist die Sicherheit der Mitarbeitenden und des Zugverkehrs stets gewährleistet.

SBB: Grant permission to depart simply by smartphone

Anyone who frequently travels by train in Switzerland will have certainly seen the orange boxes located on the platforms that help the guard give the engine driver the go-ahead. At some stations, if you look hard enough, you will see a special application for the smartphone developed by Ergon which is being used for this very purpose.

Liechtensteinische Landesbank & Bank Linth: Secure and convenient online banking

The LLB Group relies on a solution developed by Ergon for its online banking, providing clients with real added value to meet the maximum demands in terms of security, availability and ease of use. The independence of browsers as well as a multi-level security concept ensure that unauthorised parties cannot gain access to the system.

Roads inspectorate of the canton of Lucerne and FEDRO: Black ice doesn't stand a chance

The onset of winter each year brings with it snowploughs and gritters. To cope with the challenges of ice and snow, the roads inspectorate of the canton of Lucerne and FEDRO asked Ergon and KELAG to develop a software solution tailored to their needs. This helps the staff responsible for keeping the country's roads clear in winter with their task, thus ensuring optimum traffic conditions on the federal and cantonal highways. The efficient use of snowploughs and gritters reduces costs, is beneficial to the environment and improves road safety.

Coop: Superbox upgrades

Everyone has heard of the Coop. Given that the retail giant has the largest network of stores in Switzerland, with 1800 branches, that's hardly surprising. Yet even the Coop has to face growing competition in the Swiss retail sector. It is responding to these developments by further expanding its initiatives to satisfy customer needs. One such scheme is the Supercard, a bonus system which rewards customer loyalty.

Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund: Keeping a firm grip on the global flow of goods

Transport revenue of over one million Swiss francs, more than 400 freight cars and 900 lorries on the railways and roads, 70,000 pallet movements - every day! MGB Logistik Transport moves goods throughout the world and is one of the largest transport logistics organisations in Switzerland. To help it manage the challenges of a highly competitive market, the transport logistics managers at Migros rely among other things on MTWeb from Ergon.

Raiffeisen Group: ATM transaction server as investment in the future

With 3.2 million customers and 367 Raiffeisen banks in over 1150 locations, the Raiffeisen Group is the third largest banking group in Switzerland. Since 2009 the Raiffeisen Group has been using a new ATM transaction server. This was developed by the IT solutions specialist Swisscom IT Services Finance AG and its technology partner Ergon. The server is fully expandable and can be adapted to meet future needs.

MESPAS: New Business Software for Ships

MESPAS AG runs a very distributed solution for shipping companies to manage their ship equipment including a trading platform. Ergon implemented a client for the ships that works offline and that can be synchronized periodically. The module "Planned Maintenance" allows the ship crew to easily plan and document their maintenance work.

Zurich Financial Services Group: Risks are not incalculable

Ergon has played a central role in developing the operating software for GLORAM, Zurich's Global Risk Assessment Module. The application uses a sophisticated algorithm to project all possible risks associated with an object - whether a company or a country, for example - in two dimensions. So objects with similar risk levels also appear close together in the projection. This means that central questions can be answered more easily and more reliably.

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB: Full steam ahead for a mobile future

The figures are impressive: over 306 million passengers and almost 13.3 million net tons of goods are transported by SBB every year. Every day, around 9000 trains travel over the 3000 kilometres of track. The people responsible for ensuring that all the trains arrive at their destination safely, on time and at the correct platform are the 9300 employees of the SBB Infrastructure division. Thanks to a specially developed mobile solution for PDAs, SBB Information Technology and Ergon are making their job easier.

MeteoSchweiz: Interactive weather information for the cell phone

As a federal office, MeteoSchweiz is responsible for providing the people of Switzerland with weather information. One of the most innovative services it offers is a weather application for mobile phones, which was developed by Ergon. The application means that people can access the latest weather information at any time, no matter where they are.

Sun Microsystems (Schweiz) AG: Knowledge as key factor for success

At Sun knowledge management is an important factor for economic success. All knowledge has to be availabe any time for everybody all over the world. Ergon built a system based on Java that enables all employess to access simply and securely all company data.

Roche: Not leaving risks up to chance

Health & Safety and environmental protection are considered to be key factors for all business activities at Roche and enjoy top priority within the group. Ergon has developed a risk inventory application that caters for Roche's specific needs, allowing all SHE-relevant risks to be registered and analysed. This can be used as the basis for initiating suitable measures for improvement.

SBB's new mobile terminal for train personnel

In Switzerland almost a million people travel by train every day. As the work of the conductor becomes ever more demanding, SBB was in need of a new, modern networked device featuring an innovative software solution. Ergon was awarded the contract in the summer of 2003, with the first terminals going into service exactly two years later. They allow conductors to issue tickets just like the station counter and to check the new electronic tickets in a matter of seconds.