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Compass Group (Schweiz) AG: Increased efficiency in the catering industry with a new time management solution

Large-scale catering is an extremely labour-intensive business and the market is highly competitive. With over 2,140 staff in more than 240 establishments serving around 110,000 guests daily, an efficient system for work scheduling, timekeeping and accounting is crucial for business success. For this reason the Compass Group (Schweiz) AG has opted for Ergon's Zebra time management solution.

Migros: Time management solution drives success

Migros has rolled out the "Zebra" time management solution in several cooperatives. This state-of-the-art system, which has been tailored to the retailer's specific needs, takes care of the entire work scheduling, timekeeping and accounting processes at the points of sale.Thanks to Zebra's flexibility a fully operational solution was implemented within just six months

Coop: Personnel planning with tailor-made solution

Since July 2006 Coop is live with JAZZ for personnel planning, time recording and access management. JAZZ bases on web 2.0 technologies and controls staff deployment planning for all 43'000 Coop employees for sales, production, logistics and administration. The result: a speedy, high-performance, user-friendly web application that serves up to 1000 users simultaneously.