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Swiss Post: E-health platform vivates

Swiss Post, the Swiss postal service, doesn’t just deliver letters and packages. It is increasingly reinventing itself as a one-stop service provider, transporting information reliably and sustainably and adding value. From this starting-point, Swiss Post set itself the goal some years ago of developing an e-health system that would allow the various parties involved in the healthcare sector to exchange patient data securely—and to ensure that the integrity of such sensitive information is guaranteed at all times, Swiss Post is turning to Ergon’s Airlock Suite for its vivates e-health system.

Generali Insurance: Security solution for broker systems

Generali Insurance was looking for a new security solution for its broker systems that would give external sales partners easy and secure access to internal applications. At the same time they wanted it to be less complex and to have the broker portals and authentication solutions disentangled. The combination of Airlock and Medusa presented a comprehensive yet at the same time flexible solution for these requirements.

Entris banking: Medusa makes new banking system secure

Entris Banking offers financial institutions outsourcing solutions in the business fields of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT Outsourcing (ITO). In this line of work, security is a very important issue. During the switch-over to the Finnova core banking system, Entris Banking was also in search for a new multi-client capable authentication server. The company struck lucky at Ergon with Medusa.

IG B2B for Insurers + Brokers: Destined for success together

The IG B2B association has launched a new era for data transfer between brokers and insurers in Switzerland with its central BrokerGate® platform which makes electronic trading easier. Its software partner, Ergon, ensures maximum security with its Airlock web application firewall in combination with the Medusa authentication server

Visana: A strong team for maximum security

Visana is one of Switzerland's leading health and accident insurers. The company offers its customers a range of products, including convenient online services with the emphasis being on security. Visana relies on the Medusa authentication server combined with the Airlock web application firewall for maximum protection against unauthorised access by third parties

Bank Vontobel AG: Authentication Server as a central security element

Vontobel AG is owned by the Vontobel Group, an internationally operating Swiss private bank. Vontobel specialises in asset management for private customers and institutional investors and in investment banking. To enable it to fulfill the high demands for IT security, Vontobel uses the Medusa Authentication Server from Ergon for the effective authentication and authorisation of users.

Gerichte des Kantons Zürich: Effective protection for the extranet

Every day around 1100 employees of the various courts in the Swiss canton of Zürich work with sensitive data. Since summer 2007 they can also access in-house applications from home or on the road. Critically, the access is completely secure, well protected against unauthorised persons. The software solution which makes this possible is based on FirePass from F5 and the Medusa Authentication Server from Ergon.