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Generali Insurance: Security solution for broker systems

Generali Insurance was looking for a new security solution for its broker systems that would give external sales partners easy and secure access to internal applications. At the same time they wanted it to be less complex and to have the broker portals and authentication solutions disentangled. The combination of Airlock and Medusa presented a comprehensive yet at the same time flexible solution for these requirements.

IKB Data: Protected SAP access with Active Directory

Together, IKB Data and Ergon Informatik have come up with secure web access to an SAP portal of the IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG. Requirements for user log-on were a two-factor authentication against the Active Directory as well as access to SAP via single sign-on. The Ergon web application firewall «Airlock» and its authentication module meet these requirements.

Migros: Centralised SAP portal for suppliers

Migros is an inherent element of daily life for many people in Switzerland: Some 1.4 million customers shop every day in the supermarkets and stores run by the long-standing company founded in 1925. Migros is at the same time also the largest employer in the alpine country with some 84,000 employees. In 2008 the group posted profits of 701 million Swiss francs and their market share totalled more than 20 percent for the first time.

Hamburg Wasser: Protection of web applications for customers

30,000 Hamburg citizens can use the Internet today to find out more about their water consumption patterns, their meter readings and bills. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and customers can inform Germany’s largest municipal drinking water supply and wastewater disposal company electronically when they change banks or move house. This online service has been guarded by Airlock since June 2006. And since May 2007 Airlock has also been protecting some 1,700 company employees who communicate with each other using the Lotus Notes Groupware system.

La Roche & Co Banquiers: Tradition and progress go hand in hand

Founded in 1787, La Roche & Co Banquiers is the oldest private bank in Basel. The bank’s core competencies include the individual and highest quality management of private and corporate clients’ assets. In order to guarantee the clients’ high security and availability requirements for e-banking, La Roche trusts in the Web Application Firewall Airlock to protect its web-based applications.

Visana: A strong team for maximum security

Visana is one of Switzerland's leading health and accident insurers. The company offers its customers a range of products, including convenient online services with the emphasis being on security. Visana relies on the Medusa authentication server combined with the Airlock web application firewall for maximum protection against unauthorised access by third parties

Bank Vontobel AG: Authentication Server as a central security element

Vontobel AG is owned by the Vontobel Group, an internationally operating Swiss private bank. Vontobel specialises in asset management for private customers and institutional investors and in investment banking. To enable it to fulfill the high demands for IT security, Vontobel uses the Medusa Authentication Server from Ergon for the effective authentication and authorisation of users.

Finter Bank Zürich: Airlock for secure eBanking

Finter Bank Zurich has been committed to its core business, Swiss Private Banking for customers from over 80 countries, for 50 years. Following the roll-out of a new IT platform for Finter Bank Zürich in Switzerland and on Nassau within 2009 and 2010, an eBanking system was evaluated and introduced in 2011 that would provide clients with all the advantages of access on demand to customer and account information including authorization for all relevant transactions. With the launch of the eBanking web application Finter Bank Zurich was also confronted with the modification of its security policy. The challenge was to evaluate and put in place the mandatory security measures with acceptable effort and without exceeding the budget. InfoGuard was eventually chosen to supply the web application security package whilst Ergon was tasked with providing the Airlock web application firewall.